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Assistant Research Scientist for automation run-time system (Intern)- Qingdao 自动化实时系统助理研究员 (实习生)- 青岛

Research & Development

English (UK)

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?

-   Technology research (automation algorithm survey, patent search, product review) in the technology field of factory automation, including pharmaceutical, manufacture lines, etc.;

-   Leading in technology accumulation of manufacture automation, e.g. robot, co-bot, run-time software / algorithm in non-standard producing lines;

-   Collect and identify customer needs on manufacture automation and define pilot projects which use the advanced automation technology,

-   Collaborate with Siemens colleagues, partners and customers to implement factory automation solutions, including but not limited to automation solution design, programming, installing & deploying, testing & analysis, reports filing, etc.;

-   Help develop the advanced automation ecosystem, attract partners, accumulate domain knowledge, and develop customized solutions for different industries.

Job ID: 103753

Organization: Corporate Technology

Experience Level: Student (Not Yet Graduated)

Job Type: Part-time

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