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Siemens DF DBO Master data manager 西门子(中国) 数字化工厂集团 产品主数据经理 北京/上海


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Job Description

Product Master Data are static and referenced data related to products, customers, materials, prices, suppliers, and vendors. Based on this core data the operations of a business are enabled. Automation and efficiency for our business key processes are enabled by the high data quality standards and consistency of material master data management. To ensure this claim, it is important to manage master data at a high efficient process and built them up on a high data quality.   
Thus our Master Data Manager need lead a team and interact with many internal and external key players in national and global acting Business Units of Siemens. 
He/ She shall understand the complex challenges of master data processes (commercial & technical data), the data creation, usage and its utilization within the Siemens. Read up on related business processes and IT processes as well as the standard IT applications, infrastructure. Analyze and evaluate in close cooperation together with internal and external Partners existing processes, tools and system infrastructure to design lasting process that improve the consistent usage of commercial material master for SLC.
What are my responsibilities?
The Master Data Manager is the interface between Siemens Business Partners and process shareholders of Product Master Data partners, IT business partners and our customers:
1. Communicate, coordinate and align all material master related topics with different local and global Siemens Business Partners. 
2. Understand Siemens global standard processes and applications for Product Master Data management and promote the integration of Siemens global standards for Product Master Data for Siemens SLC.
3. Work close with involved Business Partners to analyses existing processes and applications which need, use or generate Product Master Data:
Target is to elaborate gaps, errors and potentials which improve the consistent utilization of Product Master Data along Siemens business units. 
4. Concentrate results, align and formulate business requirements in cooperation with Siemens Business Partners. 
5. Advice to exploit potentials that improve the utilization, as well as the maintenance processes dealing with Product Master Data.
6. Coordinate and support between concerned parties the implementation of agreed process changes. 
7. Drive the implementation of Siemens standard processes and standard IT applications settled for the usage of Product Master Data. 
8. Align and drive the implementation of business requirements in cooperation with related Siemens IT departments.
9. Conduct internal audits to improve the utilization of Product Master Data.
10. Run a regular reporting to generate transparency of the creation, usage and automated utilization level of processes dealing with Product Master Data.
11. Ensure the integrity and security of processes dealing with Product Master Data in alignment of Siemens regulations 

What do I need to qualify for this job?
1. Minimum 5 years working experience, bachelor degree or above
2. Ability to summarize complex business and IT processes and implement concentrated business requirements for material master data management.
3. Important are stakeholder management skills which demonstrate a proactive approach to problem solving.
4. Good writing and verbal communications skills are needed to be able to understand, abstract, summarize and present complex business scenarios. 
5. Beneficial are experiences about processes dealing with creations and usage material master data
6. Helpful is as basic knowledge of material master data applied in business processes for logistics, import and export business and legal regulations.
7. As communication with international business partners is part of the challenge good English abilities in speaking and writing are inevitable. 
8. Skilled on Microsoft Office. Knowing SAP is better.
9. Change management and motivation of digitalization.
What else do I need to know (introduction about business)
Digitalization is changing the face of the world and with it the way we do business. This transformation is a major challenge for every company and a crucial factor for their success. In order to maintain our leading role as the world’s number one technology vendor, Siemens needs to do more than just go along with the trend: We need to lead it. To achieve this goal, we will continuously develop Siemens e-business channel and close work with external partner (e.g. Alibaba) to be the pioneer in B2B. This is how Siemens will secure its position in the market, create more business, and improve efficiency throughout the entire company.
Please find more information on our organization at
We are looking forward to receiving your online application. Please ensure you complete all areas of the application form to the best of you ability as we will use the data to review your suitability to the role.

Job ID: 103792

Organization: Digital Factory

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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