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Site Commercial / Business Administration/ Commercial

Gurgaon, India

English (UK)

Job Description

Name of Function      : Site Commercial

Job Family                 : Finance 

Mission of Function  : 1.  Ensuring : To be at the site and support the Site Manager / Engineer regarding all commercial and legal issues, site risk evaluations and record keeping of all transactions in line with applicable local (region/country specific) guidelines and regulations, adequate controls    are in place and practiced for fully complaint site operations.                                         
2. Acting :To ensure that the assets are optimally deployed and secured for sustainable value creation towards achievement of project specific goals and targets for assigned Project sites
3.Leading : To lead by example in personal integrity, decision thereby making an environment of trust and transparency

Contacts (internal /external) : 1. Internal – Project Manager, Commercial Project Manager, Engineering, EHS, TPM    
                                                 2. External – Consortium Partners, Customers, Vendors, Auditors, Labour authorities, Security Agencies, Banks etc.  

Priority :  What  -  How  -  Why : Responsibility : 
1. Compliance and Business Conduct Guidelines  : Guide team members on compliance of various statues in line with internal control systems as per the requirements of the Entity Monitoring the sub-contractors / Security Agency for applicable law compliances. Checking their invoices for correctness and  compliance with the terms & conditions of the Purchase Order / Letter of Award and compliance with local regulations_ Full .
2. Financial requirement for cost planning for the site in coordination with Site manager and commercial project manager, monitoring and updating the site budget needs. Handling and maintaing site cash and required records in line with entity specific regulations_ Full.
3. Inventory Management: Material receipt, accounting & proper storage at site, Maintaining appropriate records of material / inventory at site, Reconciliation of Material (Book as well as physical)._ Full.
4. Support the Site Manager/Engineer regarding all commercial and legal issues. Includes Invoicing / Submission of billing break up and invoices along with required documents as per the contract (example test certificates to customer for site certification / processing ) and ensure re conciliation._ Shared.
5. Participation in site review meetings (internal and external) to facilitate effective risk management from Cost and time impact based on contract requirement. Coordination with the Project office /customer and local authorities including control over the documentation system for documents processed at site to facilitate claim management towards customers, subcontractors, third parties_ Shared.
6. Necessary actions for processing insurance claims in case of accidents, thefts & damages at site (including intimation to local police authorities)_ Full.
7. Ensuring compliance with the requirements, regulations and procedures governing occupational health & safety and environmental protection within the defined scope of responsibility_ Shared.
8. Ensuring all tools & tackles, surplus materials returned to common store yard (Or to location instructed by the project office). A] Maintaining all site correspondences, test certificates, contractor invoices, statutory documentation for site  administration till final site closure B] Final reconciliation & closure of site account_ Full.
9. Ensure compliance to regulations in co -ordination with project office for Local procurement as allowed and applicable as per supply chain policy_ Shared. 

Techniques (Technologies / Methodologies / Professional Knowledge) : 
1. Knowledge of Entity specific Reporting Guidelines.
a. Cash Handling and accounting Policy
b. Compliance Aspects
c. Environment Health and Safety/ Security regulations.
d. Local supply chain guidelines.
e. Insurance procedures
2. Experience in Site Management
3. B. Com/M. Com/ MBA with min 2-3 years of experience in business administration. 
4. Good working knowledge of MS Excel & Power point
5. Knowledge on Direct and Indirect Taxes 
6. Preferable experience in energy management products/ systems processes.
7. Accounting and Commercial Concepts (Inventory rules, contractual aspects of Project)
8. Understating of Risk management to cover Basics of project scheduling, work sequence and interdependencies and regulation cost and time impact evaluations.
9. ERP Knowledge as applicable
10. Knowledge of local language/ culture.

Job ID: 104977

Organization: Energy Management

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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