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Bids and Rail Communications Technology Manager

Tres Cantos, Spain

English (UK)

Job Description

Siemens Mobility is looking for a Bids and Rails Communications Technology Manager for Engineering area.


Defines technical solutions in the field of Rail Communications infrastructures and Digital Stations to be offered in home and overseas markets, which are compliant, attractive to customer, competitive and doable in time and budget.
Contributes to maintain the COM CoC group updated and in the state-of-the-art of technical new developments and roadmaps from the COMs reference suppliers and manufacturers. It is a key player in the alignment with the COM Sales Enabling team in order to provide coherent and global COM solutions for Siemens Mobility bids.


• Is the main interface with the Bid Group in RC-ES, providing support and guidance for the completion of Rail Communications and Digital Station bids and offers under the responsibility of RC-ES.
• Is the main interface with the COM Sales Enabling team in Headquarters for providing support and alignment in the completion of Rail Communications and Digital Station bids under the responsibility of the global COM CoC.
• Coordinates the analysis of tender and bid specifications provided by customers in the context of Rail Communications and Digital Station Infrastructure Projects.
• Guides the development of Bid Technical Specifications and related documents needed for the bid works and activities.
• Provides the analysis, management and traceability of the communications system and digital station requirements during the bid phase, handing-over them effectively during the first phase of the project execution phase.
• Hand-over of bid technical assets (scope, specifications, requirements…) to the engineering groups during the project phase.
• Produces optimal Bill of Materials, material dimensioning and cost calculations related to engineering efforts estimations for Rail Communications and Digital Station infrastructure projects.
• Understands and contributes to the SSC3.1 for Rail Communications by supporting the creation of standardized tools for the estimation of supply units/quantities.
• Is able to liaise effectively with other engineering groups to understand the project 'big picture'. In front of a new bid challenge, is able apply the optimal solutions and lessons learned from previous and on-going projects.
• Contributes to keep the COM CoC group in the state-of-the-art for technology and systems related to Rail Communications and the Digital Station by attending specialized trade fairs and by liaising with the category managers and procurement areas responsible for the supply of Rail Communications systems and components.

• It is responsible of following the roadmaps, innovations and new solutions/optimizations produced by the relevant suppliers in the field, spreading the knowledge effectively within the RC-ES COM CoC groupIt is a profile of a horizontal nature, where demonstrable technical skills and expertise in several of the following technologies and areas of knowledge would be valuable:

- IT Systems (servers, high availability IT architectures and clustering, databases, SAN storage, NAS, etc.).

- Desktop and server platforms based on Windows and UNIX/Linux.

- Fixed Communication networks (Gigabit Ethernet, SDH, IP/MPLS, etc.).

- Development and deployment of Radio-communication Systems in various technologies (TETRA, WiFi, GSMR, LTE…)

- Communication based on TCP/IP and industrial controls (OPC, etc).

- ‘Security’-like systems application level. Video-monitoring/Closed-Circuit TeleVision (CCTV), Passenger Information System (PIS) Passenger Announcement and Voice Alarm (PAVA), etc. Experience on this type of systems in the context of railway platforms in trackside installations and rolling stock will be valuable.

- Management of requirements and Systems Engineering (tools like DOORS, Reqtify or similar).

- Evaluation of RAMS requirements and its applicability to rail communications systems.

- Specific knowledge at ‘Safety’-like system application level in rail enviornments: Signalling.

  • It is important that candidate can offer:

-travelling abroad, and within the country for more or less extensive stays depending on the needs of the particular on-going bids (about 15% of total working time).

- Good level in oral and written English.

- Good communicating and integrating skills, both oral and written. The systems object of the activity in this position are developed in the context of large railway infrastructures, international and heterogeneous environments, both from human and technical perspectives.

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Job ID: 106115

Organization: Mobility

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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