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SLC - Controlling Finance - Enterprise Risk Management Process Manager - Beijing


English (UK)

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?

-        Management and supervision of all activities to define, assess, manage and report risks and opportunities within the Siemens wide defined ERM process

-        Organization and moderation of quarterly Corporate Country China RIC Committee Meetings

-        Ensure that Risks and Opportunities are effectively managed and reported to Corporate

-        Team Lead function for Rules and Regulations with the target to ensure a complete and consistent landscape of rules and regulations

-        Lean and effective management of Circular Management & Conformance Monitoring and Signature Authorization Guideline

-        Lean and effective management of Internal Certification Process in Lead Country China and Archiving Governance

-        Development of effective response measures together with the assigned Risk Owners in Operating Companies and Function Departments

-        Discussion of risks and opportunities with Senior Management of Corporate  Country China and the Head/Financial Head of China Operating Companies

What do I need to qualify for this job?

-        5 – 8 years working experience in risk control/business process management. MBA or Economics education preferred

-        Language skills (English, fluency in spoken English. Excellence in written English)

-        Presentation and Moderation skills for RIC meetings and other regional & global meetings

-        General high level of knowledge of business administration, management and financials

-        Good knowledge of market and political situation, trends and general risk potential for the local and global market

-        Ability to plan and exercise periodical processes (quarterly ERM and internal certification cycle) in project quality

-        High understanding and knowledge of Siemens Circular (circular process and content of regulations)

-        IT technical skills to use and improve supporting tools (ERM-Tool; Circular Server; ...)

-        Siemens Organization; advanced knowledge of Siemens portfolio (products & services), Siemens customers, markets and stakeholders; economical and political environment; Siemens processes and financial statements

Job ID: 107520

Organization: China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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