M.Sc student for a 4 months Diploma Thesis in a fluid dynamic laboratory about pressure losses

Job Description

Ref.nr:                               111240
Placering:    SIT Finspång
Organisation:  PG PR R&D TEST ECT FSP OPS

Are you a master student planning to write your Master Thesis during autumn 2019? Join us on our journey into the future #FutureMakers#Siemens

Be part of an open and dynamic workplace where professional and personal development is high on the agenda. By making sustainable energy solutions more cost effective, developing new technologies for the future's smart industry and electrifying passenger and freight transport, we make reality of our vision of a sustainable world.

We are now looking for a student to take on the assignment with start autumn 2019.

Project description: M.Sc student for a 4 months Diploma Thesis in a fluid dynamic laboratory about pressure losses

The scope of the present Diploma Thesis is to use an existing test rig for investigating pressure losses in additively manufactured holes with different length to diameter ratios. During the thesis the student will acquire improved skills in dimensional analysis, data acquisition and mass flow/pressure/temperature measurements. In order to understand the flow behavior the results will be analyzed using classical theory and the student will get familiar with properties like e.g. vena contracta, pressure recovery, friction losses, choking, transition between laminar to turbulent flow. Also basic knowledge in additive manufacturing will be obtained as a part of the work. Similar test rigs have previously been used by diploma students at the fluid dynamics laboratory at Siemens, Finspång to investigate and develop correlations on pressure losses and heat transfer. All previous studies were published in the Journal of Turbomachinery and/or at ASME Turbo Expo (TURBO-14-1171, GT2014-25619, GT2015-42475, GT2017-64143, GT2018-75019).

The work will start at the end of 2019 or beginning of 2020 and be conducted in the fluid dynamic laboratory at the Siemens gas turbine site in Finspång, Sweden. An hourly wage will be offered for 4 months.

Estimated time                Task

0.5 month   Literature study and test rig commission

3 months     Pressure loss measurements and analysis

0.5 month   Writing Diploma Thesis

Who are you?

The goal of each of our Diploma Thesis’ is to create a work of publication quality. Therefore, our demands on the student are high and he/she must be familiar with gas dynamics, dimensional similarity, numerical methods and Matlab. You must also be very driven, ambitious and prepared to work hard. Good skills in English language are required both in speech and writing.


Do not hesitate – apply today via siemens.se/jobb ref nr 111240 and no later than 27 maj.  For Questions about the role please contact recruiting manager Alessio Bonaldo via email alessio.bonaldo@siemens.com or project supervisor Dr. Mats Kinell via email mats.kinell@siemens.com .

Trade Union representatives:
Veronica Andersson, Unionen, 0122-840 21
Simon Von Eckardstein, Sveriges Ingenjörer, 0122-842 24
Jan Lundgren, Ledarna, 0122-812 33
Kenth Gustavsson, IF Metall, 0122-815 25

In this recruitment we renounce all calls relating to advertising and recruitment support.

Job ID: 111240

Organization: Gas and Power

Experience Level: Student (Not Yet Graduated)

Job Type: Full-time

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