SPA Project Manger 西门子电力自动化 项目经理 (南京)

Job Description

SPA Project Manager 西门子电力自动化  项目经理 (南京)

* Drives own empowered with adequate signature authorization and target agreement to manage the project as entrepreneur according the orginazational standards
* Stands for overall responsibility on project results including budget, financial management of risks, opportunities, claims,  scheduling and EHS

Manage the project throughout the project Life Cycle until final acceptance (FAC):
* Handles relevant planning elements and milestone results 
* Involves the relevant partners in the sales/ project initiation phase
* Performs contract reading and derives actions concerning risks, opportunities and contractual obligations 
* Is responsible for the technical solution and the integration of all (sub-)systems
* Holds regular project status meetings and organizes acceptance of milestone work results
* Documents all work results according to the valid standards
* Manages acceptance (tests) and final project handover
* Is responsible for quality, EHS for the entire project

Manage Customer Requirements:
   * Manages customer expectations and solving of issues
   * Actively gathers information on the customer and customer's strategies, requirements and targets
   * Consults with customers on technical solutions, together with Sales Manager or Key Account Manager
   * Clarifies customers' targets and requirements, and/or specification in request for proposal (RFP) and leads negotiation with
   * Regularly performs lessons learned activities and feeds the results into own project and organization
   * At an early stage, informs customer, management and project team of deviations from project plan

Develop strategies for the project:  
* Develops and considers strategic targets for own project in line with responsible business manager
* Represents the project in the relevant decision boards internally and externally
* Identifies / creates additional opportunities within his/her ongoing projects

Manage project finances:
* Lives full responsibility for the financial results according to set targets
* Examines the project proposal/order entry costing
* Ensures regular financial controlling and reporting according to regulations
* Optimizes the project gross profit
* Identifies non conformances and minimizes non-conformance costs
* Ensures that the results of risk assessments are appropriately reflected in project calculation
* Fosters change orders with good margin contribution

Manage project team:
* Agrees targets and work packages with project team and delegates defined work packages
* Holds and seeks actively feedback (e.g. team members, managers, customers)
* Involves the project team in all relevant project issues
* Takes responsibility for own and supports team-members' work life balance
* Fosters ownership culture within the project team

Manage stakeholders:
* Conducts stakeholder analysis and manages efficient communication with all relevant stakeholders (e.g. customers,  partners, suppliers, authorities) on equal level
* Actively manages and solves conflicts

Manage risk contracts and claims:
* Negotiates with stakeholders on Change Requests and incorporates them into contracts
* Agrees with stakeholders the strategy for making / mitigating / defending claims
* At an early stage identifies, drives, defends and mitigates claims
* Ensures monitoring and management of risks and opportunities and early escalation
* Identifies and assesses risk factors utilizing available risk measurement tools 
* Devises suitable strategies for risk mitigation
* Implements procedure to solve major issues with all necessary internal and external partners prior to project disorientation
* Monitors the progress with an integrated KPI tracking too/system to enable early warning of project disorientations

Manage compliance to standards, rules and regulations:
* Leads project members to act according to the Business Conduct Guidelines
* Follows existing rules (e.g. tax regulations, delegation of employees, guarantees and export control)
* Sets necessary measures to ensure zero harm policy in environment, health and safety
* Sets up a framework to regular check of compliance 
* Complies to local standards and law of countries directly affected 
* Complies to internal and international rules 
* Ensures the overall quality of works, products and deliverables

Job ID: 112250

Organization: Smart Infrastructure

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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