Siemens Mobility-Senior Incoming Inspector 西门子交通-资深进料检验员

Job Description


1.Ability to manage and arrange incoming inspection. 管理并安排日常进料检验工作。
2. Be able to use all kinds of gauges for inspection. 会使用检验相关量具。
3. Inspection of the first article samples and support for the FAI Report. Reports on stated failures, and initiates actions.  进行首件检验并出具相关报告,对异常进行汇报并制定纠正措施。
4. Ability to analyze supplier quality KPI. 能够对供应商质量的相关KPI进行分析。
5. Cooperates with other staff in Quality, Logistics, and Production. 与质量,物流及生产相关同事合作完成相关任务。
6.Set up Q_info and test plan in system. 在系统中设定Q_info及测试计划。


1. 大专以上学历,电气/机械相关专业优先考虑。
2. 3年以上质量相关工作经验。
3. 有一定团队管理经验。

Job ID: 113221

Organization: Mobility

Company: Siemens Mobility Rail Equipment (Tianjin) Ltd.

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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