Sales Manager - Industrial Steam Turbine 工业汽轮机销售经理

Job Description

For our Industrial Steam Turbine (10-250MW) Sales in field sales team, we are looking for a Sales Manager in Shanghai.

What are my responsibilities?

·         具备较强软性技巧(沟通技巧、工作方法、演讲技巧、谈判技巧、商务知识等)的工业汽轮机销售经理,负责项目前期客户关系的建立,项目信息的获取,投标策略的制定,确定目标价格,协助合同谈判。在项目执行阶段,协助项目执行。

Good master for skill (Communication skill, Working method, Presentation skill, Negotiation skill and Commercial knowledge ,etc), and be responsible for sales of industrial steam turbine, including building-up customer relations, getting project information, defining bid strategy, developing target price, supporting contract negotiation and support project execution.

·         掌握相关热能与动力工程知识及行业应用。

Good master thermo-turbo machinery product portfolio, product knowledge and application.                                                

·         从技术角度和项目管理方面了解工程项目执行过程。同时,通过培训对产品知识和行业应用有一定的了解。

Know engineering project execution both on technical aspect and project management. Meanwhile, through training in project, have deep understanding of product application and branch know-how.

·         带动销售团队,推进项目进程,完成销售任务。

Drive sales team, drive sales process, achieve sales target.     

What do I need to qualify for this job?

·         本科或以上, 热能与动力工程,机械, 自动化, 自动控制, 电力系统及其自动化, 电力电子与电力驱动相关专业

Bachelor or above, graduates in majored in Thermal Engineering, Mechanical, Automation, Automation Control, Power System and Automation, Control Theory and Control Engineering, Power Electronics and Power Drives

·         良好的沟通技能

Good communication skills

·         具有团队合作精神、良好的服务态度及学习能力

Team player, excellent service attitude and learning capability

·         英语中文听、说、读、写熟练

Skilled in English and Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing

·         关注客户和理解客户需求

Customer focus and understand customer's needs

Job ID: 115317

Organization: Gas and Power

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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