Project Management Engineer - Madrid GP SDO

Job Description

Designs, develops and manages large scale customer projects (category C), according to defined Project Management (PM) standards and customer requirements, and with end to end responsibility for economic results, quality, schedule and EHS.

What are my responsibilities?
- Manage the project throughout the project Life Cycle until final acceptance (FAC):
* Handles relevant planning elements and milestone results 
* Involves the relevant partners in the sales/ project initiation phase
* Performs contract reading and derives actions concerning risks, opportunities and contractual obligations 
* Is responsible for the technical solution and the integration of all (sub-)systems
- Manage Customer Requirements:
   * Manages customer expectations and solving of issues
  * Actively gathers information on the customer and customer's strategies, requirements and targets
   * Consults with customers on technical solutions, together with Sales Manager or Key Account Manager
   * Clarifies customers' targets and requirements, and/or specification in request for proposal (RFP) and leads negotiation with
   * Regularly performs lessons learned activities and feeds the results into own project and organization
- Develop strategies for the project:  
* Signs a project manager target agreement
* Develops and considers strategic targets for own project in line with responsible business manager
* Represents the project in the relevant decision boards internally and externally
* Identifies / creates additional opportunities within his/her ongoing projects
Manage project finances:
* Lives full responsibility for the financial results according to set targets
* Examines the project proposal/order entry costing
* Ensures regular financial controlling and reporting according to regulations
* Optimizes the project gross profit
* Identifies non conformances and minimizes non-conformance costs
* Ensures that the results of risk assessments are appropriately reflected in project calculation
* Fosters change orders with good margin contribution
Manage project team:
* Agrees targets and work packages with project team and delegates defined work packages
* Holds and seeks actively feedback (e.g. team members, managers, customers)
* Involves the project team in all relevant project issues
* Takes responsibility for own and supports team-members' work life balance
Manage stakeholders:
* Conducts stakeholder analysis and manages efficient communication with all relevant stakeholders (e.g. customers,  partners, suppliers, authorities) on equal level
* Establishes a stakeholder project impact-/mitigation study 
* Actively manages and solves conflicts
Manage risk contracts and claims:
* Follows the relevant LoA process
* Assesses and manages contracts of category C projects
* Negotiates with stakeholders on Change Requests and incorporates them into contracts
* Agrees with stakeholders the strategy for making / mitigating / defending claims

What do I need to qualify for this role?
* A minimum of five years of experience as Project Manager in cross-organizational projects 
*Experience in rotating machinery and oil & gas industry
* Is a team player and able to communicate multiple levels of customers, peers and team members.
* Good analytical and problem-solving skills.
* Works accurate
* Good written skills for English and Able to speak clearly English
* Ability to work in an accurate and structured way
* Capability to be self-supporting (able to work without supervision) and quickly learn new concepts
*  Willingness to have regular on-site customer visits

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Job ID: 118191

Organization: Gas and Power

Company: Siemens S.A.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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