RAMS / System Assurance Manager

Job Description

What do I need to qualify for this job?

The scope of the job incorporates RAMS management throughout the entire lifecycle of the Project. Using the customer requirements and the country-specific legal basis as well as the standards to be applied, the RAMS / System Assurance Manager establishes the system requirements with regard to reliability (R), availability (A), maintainability (M) and safety (S). These form the basis for design of the system to be supplied or the application to be developed. 

Close cooperation with configuration, development, validation, assessors and approval authorities is imperative to ensure that work is performed efficiently.The RAMS / System Assurance Manager ensures that RAMS requirements are met and, the required approvals and operating licenses are obtained in time. By controlling the suppliers the RAMS / System Assurance Manager ensures that all necessary documents (hazard analyses, TSRs, safety cases, SARs, etc.) are available on time to enable approval issues to be successfully handled. The RAMS / System Assurance Manager is the intermediary between the project and the approval authority. The RAMS / System Assurance Manager provides support in project execution with the objective of meeting customer requirements in terms of reliability, availability, maintainability and safety. As part of safety management, the RAMS / System Assurance Manager is responsible for safety approval with adherence to costs and deadlines. The main tasks are:

What are my responsibilities?

  • Planning of deadlines, expenditure and resources with regard to RAMS
  • Project Management support on application for or coordination of additional resources required by the assessors or approval authority
  • Preparation of the RAM and safety plans and the approval concept
  • Coordination of the safety- and availability-related requirements with the system engineer
  • Representation of safety approval within the project in line with the budget and the time schedule
  • Representation in independent assessment


  • Project-specific determination and finalization of the RAM and safety plans and checking for their adherence
  • Maintenance of safety and hazard logs
  • Availability to all project staff as consultant with regard to safety issues
  • Performance of RAM and safety analyses (hazard analyses), FMEA and FTA in order to enable faults to be detected in specified systems and operation
  • Compilation of safety cases.
  • Monitoring of the system during the initial in-service period to provide reliability demonstration.
  • Optimization of the system architecture in cooperation with systems engineering with regard to RAMS
  • Definition of system and element boundaries
  • Checking for adherence to requirements in terms of reliability, availability and safety 
  • Preparation of RAMS reports detailing all verification and validation failures against RAMS criteria
    Evaluation of applied tools from the point of view of safetyDevelopment of process improvement suggestions  

    What do I need to qualify for this job?

    • 10 - 15 years of experience in RAMS
    • Must be a railways RAMS expert, absolutely proficient in the EN 5012x series of standards (CENELEC), especially 50126, 50128 and 50129
    • Must be able to interact at the highest expert level with Railway Safety Authorities and ISA (independent Safety Assessors) and preferably have ISA experience themselves
    • Collaboration and management skills 
    • Proven ability using techniques such as FME(C)A, FTA and RBD

      Preferred Knowledge/Skills, Education, and Experience

      • Strategic thinking 
      • Different management styles 
      • Working in international environment
      • Customer interaction

      Job ID: 118482

      Organization: Mobility


      Experience Level: Experienced Professional

      Job Type: Full-time

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