SPA Senior R&D Engineer 西门子电力自动化 高级研发工程师 (南京)

Job Description

SPA Senior R&D Engineer 西门子电力自动化 高级研发工程师(嵌入式) (南京)

Responsibilities / Duties

You will have the opportunity to use the full range of your professional experience to support the development of Power Automation Software. You will be responsible for designing, developing, documentation, troubleshooting and debugging software.

-      Product development /Test / support of project management

-     Execution of product test

-     Support to customer projects regarding detail issues

-     Preparation and implementation of production acceptance and customer acceptance

-      Mentor for new employees, guiding less experienced testers

Contacts / Interfaces

-     R&D Team and related department within SPA and in Headquarters


-     Bachelor degree or above in Electrical Engineering, Automation, Computer or related. 本科或硕士研究生学历,电气工程专业


-      English – Advanced level in spoken and written

-      Chinese – Expert level in spoken and written


-      More than 5 years development experiences in power automation area, e.g. Protection, embedded electrical measuring & controlling device or relevant. 5年及以上开发工作经验,从事电力系统嵌入式产品开发,比如继电保护、电力测控产品、电力仪器仪表等。

-      Familiar with Power system measurement and calculation principle and theory, digital filter design, frequency measurement and voltage sag and harmonics direction location relevant. 熟悉电力系统测量及计算的基本原理和方法,数字滤波器设计、测频算法、电力系统电压暂降定位和谐波源定位等相关研究。


-      Be good at C programming, and embedded IDE environments. 良好的C语言编程能力,有嵌入式集成开发环境的经验。

-      Be good at embedded Operation System (OS). 嵌入式操作系统开发经验。

At Siemens, we value diversity as the inclusion of and collaboration of different thinking, background, experience, expertise and individual qualities across all organization levels and dimensions. We encourage and support our employees to develop their personal skills and strengths, regardless of gender identity, nationality, age, religious beliefs etc.. We believe diversity strengthens our innovative capacity, unleashes the potential of Siemens employees and thereby directly contributes to our business success.  

Job ID: 118700

Organization: Smart Infrastructure

Company: Siemens Power Automation Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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