Quality Manager in Projects

Job Description

Siemens Postal Parcel&Airpotts is looking for a Quality manager in projects, the position is located in Palma de Mallorca.

The objective of the activities of the Quality Manager in Projects (QMiP) is to safeguard the interests of quality assurance within the project. The state of the project results, processes and systems is to be ascertained by means of suitable inspection and test procedures, in order to detect in due time (preventively if possible) any deviations from defined standards and to report them to the appropriate competent person. Corrective measures taken have to be checked for effectiveness.

Main tasks


       Project-specific quality assurance: The QMiP is technically assigned to the Quality Manager (QM) of the Functional Departments (FD). The QMiP is assigned to a specific project. He is a member of the project team, on behalf of the QM. He promotes the identification and communication of all those involved, with respect to quality assurance matters.

       Project planning: The QMiP supports the Project Manager (PM) in defining the project-specific quality objectives. The QMiP plans the project-specific quality assurance measures together with the Project Manager. For that purpose he creates and maintains a project-specific quality assurance plan (QA plan) on the basis of the existing Quality Management (QM) system and any necessary supplements. If required, the QMiP draws up project specific a quality manual.

       Quality management: By means of audits and reviews, the QMiP checks that the quality requirements are implemented. He is supported if necessary by the QM of the Functional Departments (FD). The QMiP takes part in defining and checking processes, and if deviations from the targets are found, he derives corrective measures. If the deviations cannot be solved within the project, they are escalated according to the Q escalation path (see below). He also derives suggestions for improving the processes, and passes them to the process owner in charge.

       Reporting: Within the scope of the defined reporting procedure, the QMiP describes the status of the project-specific quality assurance measures and any deviations from the quality management requirements. He assesses the deviations detected and he reports them according to the Q escalation path.

       Product Safety: The QMiP supports the Project Manager in all topics with relevance for product safety in close cooperation with the QM of the Subdivision/ Functional Division/ Functional Department and the Product Safety Consultant (PSC) of the Division.


Experince in Projects as a Quality manager (experience 
Industrial engineering or similar
English level B2
Spanish proficiency 
Shift works if requirements.
Starting date aprox September 2019

Job ID: 119012

Organization: Portfolio Companies


Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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