Manager - Cost and Value Engineer

Job Description

Mission :

Cost and Value Engineering (CVE) expert for Machining /Electronics Technology, MV Motors / Drives related parts, CVE projects for global LDA Organization.
Responsible for generation of transparency in production processes along the value chain, related costs and improvement potentials (CAO, Cost Analysis and Optimization) and supply chain productivity improvement measures (SPI)
Partner of Procurement, in particular PE, in negotiations, partner of R&D and System CVE in Design to Cost and Standardizations (DtV)"

Dimensions :

This position is responsible for Target costs, total Cost of product/supplied good, CNI, CTG and implementing other CVE levers
Lifecycle cost and related PVO for Mechanical parts, some mechanical expertise (machined parts)/Electronics parts related to Motors/ Drives locally as well as globally (PVO ~ 20 to 40 M Euro)

 Areas of Responsibility  / Tasks :

"Cost and Value Engineering :

Contribute to competitiveness and profitability of Siemens products and solutions through application of Cost and Value Engineering levers and methods.
Expert in the Siemens-wide CVE network :
Contribute expertise to the Siemens-wide CVE network, focusing on certain commodities within the assigned Division/BU."
"Transparency of production processes :

Maintain knowledge about production technology and costing in specific material field.
Apply appropriate tools for Cost Analysis and Optimization (CAO), Supply Chain Productivity Improvement (SPI) and Design to Value (DtC) along the PLM / PM process :
Support GVS activities of LDA HQ with regard to identification/ nomination of capable and competitive suppliers in India/ Asia"
"Cost  target setting :

Compile feasible costs per component as basis for bottom-up target indication and cost split.
Propose alternative manufacturing scenarios and quantification of potentials to Systems CVEs and other Procurement functions, in particular PE."
"Design to Cost and Standardization :

Calculate cost baselining and regular cost updates for components acc. to maturity of design :
Challenge requirements and related costs as basis for proposals of DtC measures to R&D, to PEs and to Systems CVEs along the Design process, and quantify financial impact expectation."
"Supply Chain Productivity Improvement (SPI) :

Generate transparency in supplier processes, applied technologies and related costs
Identify and quantify improvement potentials, contribute transparency to negotiations
Coach suppliers in technology-based and lean optimization of their supply chain"
"Networking and mutual support :

Integrate with product-specific CVE teams in alignment with System CVE, PE, R&D 
Foster commodity-specific CVE network and Siemens-wide knowledge exchange
Foster a ""givers"" mindset in Division-internal activities and contribute own expertise in cross-Divisional collaboration"
"Cost and value models and design rules :

Establish cost and value models as well as design rules that use information on specific production processes, production equipment, suppliers and related costs
Maintain and provide benchmark data on design characteristics (e.g. material thickness, surface quality, curvature) and related costs"
Be coach and mentor to other CVE colleagues in area of expertise of manufacturing process and MV related drives / Motors appropriately.

Job ID: 119145

Organization: Portfolio Companies

Company: Siemens Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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