SNC Order Management Officier西门子数控 订单管理专员

Job Description




Coordinate internal and external resource to ensure products are delivered to domestic and overseas customers on time and maintain high level of customer satisfaction.


Responsibility 工作职责

  1. 国内外客户订单处理(订单接收、确认、更改、状态跟踪及发货)

  2. KPI跟踪

  3. 协助订单管理相关系统的维护及升级

  4. 其它上级领导交代的工作


1. Domestic and export customer order handling (order receiving, confirmation, change, order status tracking and delivery)

2. Performance tracking

3. Support to maintenance and upgrade of systems/tools related to order management

4. Other tasks assigned by supervisor/manager

职位要求 requirements

  1. 本科学历,良好的英语口语及书写能力

  2. 熟练运用office相关软件

  3. 具备SAPERP 经验

  4. 良好的内外部沟通技巧,具备客户至上的理念

  5. 了解供应链的整个流程

  6. 乐于学习,接受有挑战的工作

  7. 2-3年订单管理、采购相关工作经验


  1. Bachelor degree, fluent spoken and written English skill is required

  2. Proficient office skill

  3. With SAP or ERP experience

  4. Good internal and external communication skill, with customer focus concept

  5. Knowledge of whole process of supply chain

  6. Willing to learn and accept challenging task

  7. 2-3 years working experience in order management/buyer related functions


Job ID: 119796

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Numerical Control Ltd., Nanjing

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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