Installation & Commissioning Sales Manager

Job Description

For a newly established ICW (Installation, Commissioning and Warranty) department, within GP O&G, we are searching for colleagues within the Asia region with interest in supporting our NE sales organization with the establishment of tailor-made Installation & Commissioning (I&C) offers during the sales phase.

As Installation & Commissioning Sales manager, you are responsible for creating Installation & commissioning offers for new projects for the GP O&G NE Sales organization during the sales phase (from PM020 to PM080). These offers can form an integral part of the Equipment offer or can be a stand-alone I&C offers.

The scope being handled for this offer in the I&C phase, concerns the full GP O&G product range. Besides centrifugal compressors, reciprocating compressors, gas and steam-turbine drives, Electrical motor drives including the power systems, SCADA systems, 3rd party supplies etc. are included.

For this role, it is required that you work closely with the GP O&G NE Proposal Manager, Proposal Engineers and the GP O&G Regional entities.

About the role:

Close cooperation with the ICW team and the GP O&G sales team, the I&C Sales manager is responsible for the creation of project specific I&C offers, tailor made for NE projects under sale at an early stage. The information for the offer (Project I&C schedule, TFA regional/PCC availability, cost pricing and T&C’s) will be provided by ICW team members (I&C Planner, I&C BA and the I&C Offer lead) in close corporation with SDO and other (3rd party) service organizations. The Sales manager will develop a set of standard templates with the typical I&C offers to increase the efficiency of creating an I&C offer. For this, cross regional cooperation with the other I&C Sales managers is essential.   


What are my responsibilities?

  • Be the regional focal point for initiating and carrying out the I&C sales offers for the region.
  • Create standardized project I&C offer templates for the O&G train portfolio.
  • Support in building up a lessons learned database
  • Reading client specifications
  • Risk assessment for the I&C portion
  • Based on the information provided by the I&C Technical planner, I&C BA and the I&C offer lead, compile client specific I&C offers
  • Support the O&G NE Proposal manager and O&G Region during the contract negotiations on the I&C portion.  

What do I need to qualify for this job?

  • At least 8 years Oil & Gas project sales experience. Execution experience is a plus.
  • Equipment sales experience over the complete range of O&G product portfolio
  • You are fluent in English
  • On-shore/off-shore Installation and commissioning know-how is preferred.
  • Understand the PM@SIEMENS sales process
  • Familiar with LOA, NCM, PATAC systematics
  • Self-initiative with strong ability to deliver
  • Decisive and strategic thinking ability
  • Team-player
  • Networking
  • Creative problem solver with out-of-the-box mentality.
  • Installation & Commissioning strategy development

Job ID: 123093

Organization: Gas and Power

Company: Siemens Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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