Cyber Security - Web Developer (f/m/d)

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?

  • You will be providing Siemens with innovative solutions and high-quality development support across the various Cyber Security expert areas and contribute to increase automation in our field as well as providing an appealing interface for our applications
  • Build, implement and operate Cybersecurity web applications as well as test and deploy those applications
  • Integrate new data sources into our reporting platform thru REST APIs
  • Support trouble-shooting activities and other teams to integrate SSO in their applications and make data available using REST APIs

What do I need to qualify for this job?

  • University degree in computer science, IT security or related fields
  • Professional experience (at least 1 year) within in backend development with Python (ideally with the Django Web framework) and frontend development with JavaScript (ideally with VueJS or a similar framework)
  • Demonstrable experience in UNIX/LINUX system administration, configuration, troubleshooting, scripting and docker
  • Experience with SSO integration based on OAuth2 / OpenID Connect
  • Willingness to build knowledge of technical and organizational aspects of information security
  • Proficient in written and spoken English (including security terminology) combined with good interpersonal skills and attention to detail
  • Proven ability to learn quickly and adapt to a fast-paced environment

Securing the Future Enterprise Today

Whether in the field of Industry, Smart Infrastructure or Energy: Digitalization is simplifying many facets of life. Therefore, we need to handle the associated risks caused through Cyber criminals.

“Making an impact that matters!”, that’s the motto we live by. We at Siemens are continuously pushing the boundaries of sectors such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technologies. However, with such digital innovations come unpredictable security challenges and vulnerabilities, thus growing the risk of cyberattacks.

We’re looking for forward-thinking, ambitious game changers like you to join our team of experts. Together let’s build ground breaking security solutions and infrastructures that protect our data and the digital assets of our customers. Help us seek tomorrow’s challenges today.

Join us! Together we can make our digital world more secure.

We’ve got quite a lot to offer. How about you?

Do you want to know more about Cybersecurity at Siemens?

Curious about our Cybersecurity hubs? The Siemens Lisbon Tech Hub has more than 700 employees with the Corporate Technology Cybersecurity team, making it one of the largest in Europe - check it out:

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[CSIP-DR26-10] [CSIP-DR26-11]

Job ID: 177549

Organization: Corporate Technology

Company: Siemens S.A.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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