Siemens Payroll Specialist(苏州)

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?

Monthly payroll

-         Strictly follow monthly payroll process, from payroll preparation to post payroll, responsible for payroll logic/data check.

-         Familiar with overall payroll calculation logic, could handle process independently.


Deliver stable service for responsible companies with high quality

-         Strictly follow monthly IIT handling process, execute data pre-check before declaration.

-         Familiar with overall IIT handling process and government software usage.

-         Follow up for normal declaration issues.

-         Keep a good record of monthly working file, record specialties, follow compliance requirement.

-         Fast response to IIT related reporting request no matter internal or external request.

-         Employee annual filing support, tax certificate support, claim pay back support.

-         Monthly reconciliation with financial system, make sure no un-identified balance in HR account.

-         Query support for in-scope companies regarding IIT topic.

Be responsible for IIT compliance

-         Work closely with TAX team to ensure IIT handling fulfill compliance requirement.

-         Work closely with payroll team to ensure correct IIT calculation.

Process optimization

-         Consolidate and investigate in current payroll & IIT product and process.

-         Deep dive and raise up optimization ideas.

Knowledge management and sharing

-         Keep well tracked personal and team working file.

-         Provide payroll and IIT knowledge to other colleagues, within the same team or cross teams.

Other tasks

-         Support other teams’ work within H2R CN.

-         Other tasks manager assigned.

What do I need to qualify for this job?

-         Bachelor’s degree or above

-         2 to 5 years’ experience in HR

-         Familiar with government payroll/benefit/IIT policy

-         Familiar with IIT declaration software, and overall process and key control of IIT declaration, better with international companies’ background

-         Familiar with HR system functionality, better with SAP background

-         Familiar with MS Office,

-         Good in process, quality control

-         Basic accounting knowledge

-         Fluent oral and written English.

Job ID: 177753

Organization: Global Business Services

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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