SNC EHS Officer 西门子数控 EHS专员

Job Description

SNC EHS Officer西门子数控 EHS专员




Take over executive responsibilities of establishment, implementation and maintenance of EHS management system, which encompassed ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 as well as general management for environmental protection, occupational health and safety in SNC 

What are my responsibilities?

1.     Establishment, implementaion and maintenance of EHS management system

2.     Organize and implement information delivery, training and education related to EHS

3.     Control of EHS documentations and records to which compilation, modification, review and release essential and management of EHS homepage on intranet;

4.     Communication and consultation between SNC and interested parties like local governments, suppliers and subcontractors.

5.     Organize and implement EHS check and inspection at regular intervals.

6.     Establish various emergency plans and implement rehearsal at regular intervals.

7.     Organize and implement EHS internal audit under the coach of EHS management representative.

8.     Management, implementation and improvement related to all EHS affairs

9.     Assist and support division EHS coordinators to ensure good conditions of operation on EHS management system and

10.  Organize investigation and analysis for any incident and accident occurred in SNC

11.  Responsible for introducing, implementing, maintaining and developing HM(Health Management);

1. 建立, 执行核维护EHS管理体系;

2. 组织EHS信息交付,组织实,以及实施与EHS相关培训和教育;


4. SNC与地方政府、供应商和分包商等相关方的沟通和协商;

5. 定期组织实施EHS检查;

6. 制定各种应急预案,并定期演练;

7. EHS管理代表的指导下组织实施EHS内部审核;

8. EHS事务相关的管理、实施和改进;

9. 协助和支持部门EHS协调员,确保EHS管理体系的良好运行;

10. 组织对SNC发生的任何事件和事故进行调查和分析;

11. 负责引进、实施、维护和发展HM (健康管理);


What do I need to qualify for this job?

1.     本科学历,良好的英语口语及书写能力

Bachelor degree, fluent spoken and written English skill is required

2.     5~6 years working experience in ISO14001&OHSAS18001 audit and management;     5~6年以上的 ISO14001&OHSAS18001审核与管理经验;

3.     Environmental protection and management knowledge; 具备环境保护核管理知识;

4.     Occupational safety and health knowledge; 具备良好的职业健康和安全方面的知识

5.     乐于学习,接受有挑战的工作Willing to learn and accept challenging task

Job ID: 178409

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Numerical Control Ltd., Nanjing

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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