SFAE SO Subcontractor Inspector 西门子工程自动化工程有限公司 质量检验专员(嘉定)

Job Description

100% monitoring of special process in non - standard parts processing.

Responsible for communicating Messplan and 3D  with workshop and design.
Responsible for and deal with the quality problems related to welding parts, bending parts, plate gold parts, paint parts, heat treated parts.
负责和处理与焊接件、折弯件、板金件、油漆件、热处理零件有关的质量问题 。
Strictly follow the inspection process and use the correct inspection method to find the quality problems in production.
strictly implement the control procedures for nonconforming products to manage nonconforming products. Issue nonconforming product report and follow up improvement measures and effectiveness verification.
file and maintain all quality records.
Responsible for maintaining and updating quality data on public disk.

1.Mechanical manufacturing or quality related major, college degree or above.
2. At least 5 years working experience in mechanical manufacturing or quality related work experience.

Other Knowledge/Skill/Experience
Inspection Certificate and Check post certificate检验证书或者检验上岗证
CMM Certificate 测量证书
Be familiar with Polyworks and Powerinspect measuring
Familiar with Master the ability to read and understand pictures熟练掌握识图看图的能力。
Familiar with Use of conventional measuring tools熟悉常用测量工具的使用。
Familiar with mechanical manufacturing process.熟悉机械制造工艺。
Problem shooting ability related on manufacturing process and quality.具有解决生产过程和质量问题的能力。
Fluent English in oral and writing.流利的英语听说读写能力。

Job ID: 179146

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Factory Automation Engineering Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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