SEDL WG Project Manager 风电项目经理

Job Description

What are my responsibilities? 我的职责是什么?

Manages customer projects, according to defined Project Management (PM) standards and customer requirements, and with responsibility for economic results. 按照PM管理流程以及客户要求来管理客户项目并对结果负责

Manages assigned product and drives their business performance across the whole product lifecycle管理职责范围内的产品并负责全生命周期内的业务状况.

Clarifies customers´ targets and requirements, and/or specification in request for proposal (RFP) including the oversea customer.澄清客户目标及需求,准备客户方案包括海外客户

Coordinates overall planning of the project and decides on allocation of resources including the oversea projects.协调准备项目计划以及资源配置,包括海外项目

Monitors milestone and adherence to budgets, and initiates actions to minimize non-conformance cost.监控项目里程碑和预算的达成,发起及实施相关措施以降低不合格成本

Consults with customers on technical solutions, together with Sales Manager or Key Account Manager.同销售或大客户经理共同商讨及确定客户方案

Maintains constant communication to customers, outside contractors or other stakeholders.保持同客户,外部承包商及其他相关方的沟通

Manages and coordinates all temporarily assigned project staff, optimize and allocate relative resource within the organization to serve the project. 管理并协调项目成员的工作, 在组织结构内优化配置相关资源为项目服务

Responsible for business performance of designated product line, e.g. economic results, and total cost reduction.对业务(财务)结果承担职责并负责指定产品线的总成本优化

Contributes to activities to continuously improve the product lifecycle management致力于为产品全生命周期内的持续改进活动做出贡献

Collect and analyze customer requirements and professionally communicate with production line for optimizing production process收集并分析客户需求,与生产协调沟通优化生产流程

Coach other junior project and product managers from methodology and practice level and be able to optimize the project management  process.从方法论以及实际操作层面培训指导其他初级项目/产品经理,并能够优化项目管理流程

Complete other tasks assigned by superior.完成领导交办的其它任务

What do I need to qualify for this job? 我需要什么才能胜任这份工作?

Project management experience in industry manufacturing; electrical or mechanical engineering related experience 工业制造领域的项目管理经验;电气或机械设计/工程经验

Major in Electrical/Mechanic Engineering or Project Management/ Bachelor or above 电气/机械工程或者项目管理专业,本科以上学历      

Excellent English communication skills both written and verbal 卓越的英语(口语书面)交流能力

Strong leadership and capacity of planning,organize and coach 有强力的计划,组织,导向的领导能力

Effective communication skill and good teamwork spirit有效的沟通和良好的团队合作能力

Job ID: 179441

Organization: Portfolio Companies

Company: Siemens Electrical Drives Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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