SEDL Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing Engineer 西门子电气传动 新能源商用车事业部 工艺工程师 (天津)

Job Description

SEDL CV Manufacturing Engineer

西门子电气传动 工艺工程师 (天津 西青)


       To lead the industrialisation

       Capitalize and share the know-how of industrial processes in his domain

       To participate on the design of new equipment and new lines

       To lead Lean design workshop

What are my responsibilities?


o   To manage production equipment introduction

o   To follow equipment or assembly lines development with the supplier

o   To design small tool and validate the supplier proposal

o   To define the acceptance criteria for new equipment or line

o   To perform pre acceptance and acceptance of the equipment

o   To perform trials on the lines and deliver reports

o   To build action plans and follow up to  be ready for FDPR

o   To perform and/or collect, capabilities of equipment and process

o   To set up equipment and propose PROCESS VALIDATION PLAN

o   To participate on PFMEA and CONTROL PLAN

       Mass production

o   To monitor QCDM and propose improvement

o   To survey the performance of equipment, and always in mind, optimization

o   To work on Cycle time reduction to optimize investments, material & labour costs

o   To update routing on Information system with SPV validation

o   To support production technician (training, analysis, problem solving)

o   To be in contact with the suppliers (improvement, support)

o   To participate to SPV workshop

o   To participate to QRQC


o   Validate any change of standard proposed by sites

o   To know, apply and promote the standards (PG, sites or corporate) in his domain

o   To apply the SPV rules


o   Ensure the respect of Safety and Environment procedures of SEDL

o   Maintain the 5S and report issues

o   Alert for safety rules infringement

What do I need to qualify for this job?                                           

·        3-5 years of experience in his domain of knowledge (process and industrialization)

·        Knowledge on quality tools (capabilities, statistics, SixSigma, DOE)

·        PFMEA construction experience

·        Good interpersonal and communication skills. Diplomatic & persuasive

·        Good synthetics presentation, planning & prioritizing skills

What else do I need to know?

     西门子电气传动有限公司组建于1995年初,注册于天津滨海高新技术产业开发区, 占地面积18万平方米;采用西门子公司的最新技术成果,SEDL与西门子在欧美的其它生产厂按相同的功能、设计、及质量标准制造传动产品、电机及风力发电机。从1996年初至今相继引进了全数字交直流传动产品和机车牵引变频器,牵引交流电机,工业电机及风力发电机。现在已有几十万台SEDL生产的传动产品在国内外各地运行,广泛应用于冶金、矿山、石油、化工、起重、电梯、造纸、纺织、轨道交通及风力发电等领域。2006年,SEDL获得出口许可从而开始了出口业务。目前SEDL的电机和驱动产品广泛销售到亚太、南美、南非等世界各地。

Job ID: 181585

Organization: Portfolio Companies

Company: Siemens Electrical Drives Ltd.

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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