(SEDS) Industrial Engineer 工业工程师

Job Description

Mission of Function:

Under general supervision, plan for equipment layouts in plant office, and production facilities and establish standards to improve industrial engineering techniques.



  • Analyze existing industrial engineering techniques and develop recommendations for changes to working methods that will minimize costs, and time taken; increase yields and productivity; and improve the quality and consistency of final products.                              

  • Use IE concept to analyze and improve the processes; use IE tools to analyze the production lines / processes / activities and make improvements; make quality related process improvement.    

  • Conducts studies to determine the most efficient sequence of operations and workflow and recommends methods for maximum utilization of production facilities and personnel.

  • Provide the support for the production related improvement; regularly report about improvements driven by IE.

  • Provide engineering service and advice to industrial engineering activities; prepare reports regarding reviews of production methods, equipment layout and equipment and material utilization.

  • Imply independent judgment and acquired experience, for execute moderately complex and non-routine assignments.                                

  • Understand specific client needs or technical specifications, parts drawings, and other engineering data to develop new techniques and estimate time requirements for each step and total cost of the project.                                                        

  • Environment, Health and Security (EHS) related tasks: Consider EHS requirements in implementing IE programmer; Seriously implement position operational rules and ensure security based on national and local EHS related laws and regulations, Siemens headquarter.



  • More than three years of experience with IE or production functions.

  • More than one year of experience in improvement project management.

  • Good knowledge in MS office software and some due SAP-using experiences.      

  • Know-hows about lean production and continuous improvement.

  • Be familiar with applicable safety, health and environmental law and requirements.

  • Tools and Methods about Implementation of lean strategy and continuous improvement.

  • Good knowledge in English.

Job ID: 181590

Organization: Portfolio Companies

Company: Siemens Electrical Drives (Shanghai) Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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