Thesis (Master) Hyperspectral Imaging System for Food Inspection

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Mode of Employment: Limited

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Modern process automation such as in the field of inspection of goods, quality control, condition monitoring, or material analysis highly benefits from comprehensive highspeed digitalization of physical and chemical information. This drives the demand for machine vision, being capable of mapping structural composition, contaminations, and material properties of goods. We investigate hyperspectral imaging for applications in this industrial setting and invite you to join us for an interesting research project.

What part will you play?

  • Join the Chemical and Physical Sensing Group of Siemens Corporate Technology to work with our team focusing on hyperspectral imaging R&D activities
  • Utilize a scanning hyperspectral imaging system for inline fish inspection and quality assurance
  • Use established prediction modeling techniques to quantify freshness or degree of spoilage which the fish has undergone based on spectral imaging and polarization imaging
  • Examine system/model optimization towards a reduction in complexity of the measurement setup and process

We don’t need superheroes, just super minds.

  • With studies background in food science, chemometry, biochemistry, optical spectroscopy, or related fields you are more than welcome
  • You already have experience in spectral data analysis and statistical modeling techniques
  • Show us your first hands-on experience with optical measurement setups

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Job ID: 182394

Organization: Corporate Technology

Company: Siemens AG

Experience Level: Student (Not Yet Graduated)

Job Type: Full-time

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