Executive Assistant

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?

  • Manage the GMs' appointments and schedules and make travel arrangements to make best use of their time.
  • Arrange and coordinate internal/external meetings and visits.
  • Efficient administration of daily work in GMO, e.g. GMs' signature management, company chop management, GMO office admin., cost compensation, written/verbal translation, etc.
  • Gather, compile, verify and analyze information for the GMs to use in the documents such as memos, letters, reports, speeches, presentations, and news releases.
  • Cost control and resource planning of shared department cars.
  • Execute indirect material order process (one SRM & SAP, etc.).
  • Understand and comply to all policies, regulations and guidelines of SLC. Handle confidential information and maintain the security of the GMs' records and files.
  • Facilitate smooth communications between GMO and all internal / external parties. Support GMO in internal communication.
  • Perform other administrative tasks using independent judgment and discretion.
  • Coordination of important company events.
  • Perform other GMO assigned tasks / responsibilities.

What do I need quality this position?

  • Bachelor’s degree or above
  • English (Excellent Speaking / Writing skills)
  • Smart and strong communication skills to understand and clarify the manager requests;
  • Kind personality, not to exercise power to staff due to the position;
  • Situational sensitivity;
  • Carefulness and thought through when dealing with new tasks;
  • Event organization experiences preferred;
  • Skillful in MS Office tools
  • Internal transfer preferred.
  • At least 2 years related working experience
  • Easy commuting to Minhang (living in Minhang preferred)

At Siemens, we value diversity as the inclusion of and collaboration of different thinking, background, experience, expertise and individual qualities across all organization levels and dimensions. We encourage and support our employees to develop their personal skills and strengths, regardless of gender identity, nationality, age, religious beliefs etc. We believe diversity strengthens our innovative capacity, unleashes the potential of Siemens’ employees and thereby directly contributes to our business success.

Job ID: 183707

Organization: Smart Infrastructure

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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