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We are looking for a highly motivated software engineer to work in the Place and Route static timing analysis team of the Digital Design and Implementation Solutions Division.

  • You will be part of a team responsible for designing, developing, debugging and supporting the Nitro-SoC family of digital IC implementation products.

  • Development responsibilities will span different software tools including core algorithmic advances and software design/architecture.

  • You will collaborate with a senior group of software engineers contributing to final production level quality of new components and algorithms and to create new engines and support existent code.

  • Background in Static Timing Analysis, parasitics extraction, signal-integrity analysis, timing and power optimization techniques and machine learning methods is preferable

Required Skills:

  • MTech/PhD in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or related discipline.

  • Knowledge of C, C++ and experience with UNIX and/or LINUX platforms is necessary.

  • Experience working with large existing software systems or development of C++ libraries is highly recommended.

  • Must have experience in Place and Route, Timing Analysis, Optimization.

  • Experience with graph algorithms, modeling and/or machine learning is preferable. Candidates with some knowledge of delay calculation would be preferred.

  • Individuals with strong ability to learn and explore new technologies and who are able to demonstrate good analysis and problem solving skills are preferred.

  • You will need excellent programming and software engineering skills.

  • Experience with multithreaded and/or distributed programming is a big plus.

  • Self-motivation, self-discipline and the ability to set personal goals and work consistently towards them in a dynamic environment will go far towards contributing to your success.


Job ID: 185004

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Mentor Graphics (India) Private Limited

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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