Master thesis - “Overspeed assessment methods for gas turbine discs”

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We are now looking for a student to take on the assignment of “Overspeed assessment methods for gas turbine discs.”

The assignment:

The rotating part of a gas turbine engine consists of discs with blades attached to the rim, or outer diameter. The discs are highly loaded and the most critical part of the engine, as the consequences of a failure are severe. In addition to normal operation, a disc needs to be able to withstand certain extreme fault cases, leading to higher than normal speeds. It is imperative that the integrity of the disc is maintained even under these rare conditions, and the risk associated must be limited by the design process and criteria.

The complexity of the analytical methods used depends on the maturity of a design and the phase of an engine project, i.e. the concept phase, preliminary design or detailed design. They can be described as:

  1. Low fidelity, but quick, methods for rapid concept evaluation.

  2. Deterministic high-fidelity methods. Based on non-linear Finite Element analysis. Risk is handled by setting high level safety factors. The method is moderately time-consuming but accurate.

  3. Probabilistic high-fidelity methods. Based on non-linear Finite Element analysis. Risk is handled by accounting for how scatter in input variables propagate to the scatter in the output of the analysis. The method is the most time-consuming but is most accurate and yields a possibility to quantify the risk of failure.

The task is to perform overspeed analysis of several variations of disc designs, with the methods 1 to 3 above. The work includes 3D CAD generation, analytical development of criteria and FE-model generation and analysis of the results. A correlation between the methods shall be sought and discussed, leading up to a suggestion for suitable safety margins for the simple methods to obtain a certain quantified risk level using the most advanced methods shall be made.

We would prefer the work to commence in January/February 2020 and to be finished by the summer.

Your Profile: 
The project fits you who…

  • Is studying a master’s degree in mechanical engineering or similar

  • Is a well-driven person with a problem-solving mindset

  • Has good English language skills


Do not hesitate - apply today via ref nr 186056 and no later than 2019-11-24.

For questions about the role please contact Per Almroth ( or Sara Rabal Carrera ( For questions about the recruitment process contact the responsible recruiter Evelina Sundqvist +46 (0) 122 84711.


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Job ID: 186056

Organization: Gas and Power

Company: Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB

Experience Level: Student (Not Yet Graduated)

Job Type: Full-time

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