SEDL CV Motor Electrical Engineer 新能源商用车 电机研发工程师

Job Description

SEDL Electrical Design Engineer 电机电气设计工程师


What are my responsibilities?

·                  Responsible for electrical design and FEA of E-bus motor

·                  负责E-bus 永磁电机电气方案设计与电磁仿真

·                  Responsible for selection and electrical analysis of electrical parts for PEM motor

·                              负责E-bus 永磁电机电气件的选择与分析

·                  Responsible for creating of routine test and type test plan, analyzing of test results, supporting of routine test process to guarantee the test is done under requirements

·                  负责电机出厂试验以及型式试验计划编制,测试结果分析,跟踪并确保实验项目按要求完成

·                  Responsible for prototype design and production together with mechanical engineer

·                  与机械工程师一块负责样机的设计与制作

·                  Supporting QM & CS colleagues for trouble shooting

·                  支持质量与客户支持同事 对故障订单进行处理

·                  Participate and support DTC project of E-bus motor

·                  参与支持E-bus 电机DTC的工作

·                  Participate in multi-national team                                           

·                  参与跨文化的团队合作

·                  Complete other tasks assigned by superior.

·                  完成上级交办的其它任务

What do I need to qualify for this job?

·                  Bachelor degree and above, major in electrical design related

·                  大学本科学历及以上,主修电机与电器相关专业

·                  Experienced in FEA simulation and electrical design for electrical motor      

·                  具有电机有限元仿真以及电磁方案路算经验

·                  More than 5 years of experience for PM motor electrical design

·                  在永磁电机电气设计方面有不少于5年工作经验

·                  Be Familiar with the GB/ISO/EN standards of road vehicles

·                  熟悉道路车辆相关GB/ISO/EN 标准                           

·                  Be Skilled with related SW, such as Maxwell, Matalab software

·                  熟练使用Ansys Maxwell 以及Matalab 软件

·                  Good English skill of writing, reading and speaking

·                  具备流利的英语沟通能力

·                  Complete assigned tasks independently with high quality.

·                  能保质保量独立完成岗位相关工作。

Job ID: 187119

Organization: Portfolio Companies

Company: Siemens Electrical Drives Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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