SSME XP SCM Supplier Quality Engineer 供应商质量管理工程师

Job Description


1.      Enable supplier in NPI, prototype, pre-production and mass production. Ensure Siemens technical and quality requirements are communicated to suppliers clearly, support the engineering sample development and production sample approval, on-site/questionnaire audit supplier NPI process with confirming of all related processing files (e.g.FAI/PPAP). Plan and revise IQC inspection items  for new materials .基于西门子的技术和质量要求与供应商进行清晰的沟通,支持供应商进行新产品导入、原型机 、预生产和量产确认,支持工程样品的开发和生产样品的批准,审核供应商的NPI过程,并确认所有相关的处理文件(如FAI/PPAP)。策划和修订新物料的IQC的检验项目。


2.      Sustained supplier development activities throughout the product lifecycle. Initiate and support the establishment of quality assurance tools and measurements at suppliers' sites and monitor the execution. Perform regular on-site check, identify potential risks and drive continuous improvement in daily operation. 贯穿产品生命周期的持续供应商开发活动。启动并支持在供应商现场建立质量保证的工具和测量,并监督执行。定期进行现场检查,识别潜在风险,推动日常运行的持续改进。


3.      Analyze and follow up the supplier's non-conformity materials found in the process of incoming inspection and production line. Coach and support suppliers to complete trouble shooting, develop improvement and preventive actions and monitor the implementation. If necessary, trigger SCAR in time.对进料检验及生产过程中发现的供应商的异常材料,负责联络和跟进。指导和支持供应商完成故障排除,制定改进和预防措施,并监督实施。必要时,及时开出SCAR.


4.      Actively participate in the supplier selection process. Evaluate supplier's design, manufacturing and inspection capabilities. Issue the supplier quality system audit report, and promote the supplier to take corrective and preventive measures to improve the quality assurance ability.. 积极参与供应商选择过程。评估供应商的设计、制造和检验能力。出具供应商质量体系审核报告,并推动供应商采取纠正和预防措施,提高质量保证能力。


5.      Feedback and follow-up on the status and problems of trial and mass-produced products, and collation and provision of quality data. 试产及量产产品状况及问题的反馈、跟进,品质数据的整理提供。


6.      每月的供应商绩效统计,并推动绩效改善。Monthly supplier performance statistics and promote continuously  improvement.


7.      Other tasks assigned by line manager. 直线经理安排的其它工作。









  1. Bachelor degree on Mechanic, Automotive, Electronic,. Engineering.

  2. 3+ years related working experience.


3.   Technical background.  Experience in automotive or mechanical, medical device Familiar with Gauge, HRC/HRV sclerometer and SAP system.


4.   Know how to read drawing with GD&T knowledge.


5.   SAP knowledge is a plus.


6.    Good communication skill.


7.   Experience with supplier audit and process improvement.


8.   English in writing and speaking.


9.   Can accept travel.




Job ID: 188941

Organization: Siemens Healthineers

Company: Siemens Shanghai Medical Equipment Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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