Accountant C - Especialista de impuestos

Job Description

The  Mid –level Tax Specialist is part of the Tax LCB Team and is the responsible for the fulfilment of  tax obligations of the corresponding ARES. The primary objective of this role is the fiscal compliance and support to the business area in fiscal matter.


Key Responsibilities are broken down into four primary categories:


Tax Reporting

Obtain tax information (P&L B/S) and upload of IFRS data into SiTax tool

Prepare tax calculations Current Tax and Deferred Tax

Review opening balance sheet for acquisitions; plausibilty checks of first consolidation packages

Calculation of prior year tax adjustments as a result of tax (adjusted) returns and tax field audits

Prepare reconciliation from finalised tax return to year end TRP

Enter provision to return adjustments into SiTax (true-up prior year tax balance)

Ensure that corresponding provision to return adjustments are booked into Esprit in the respective month

Prepare tax accounting journals

Review tax accounting journals

Review correct booking of journals in Esprit to tax accounting records


Tax compliance

Obtain tax information (P&L  B/S) using a tax information pack verified to be correct by Finance and Controlling

Prepare tax computation and return ( annual tax return, informative reports)

Review tax return, computation and reconciliation

Submit tax return and computation to tax authorities

Reconcile tax return to SiTax TRP

Calculate tax payments/ installment payments (provisional and monthly payments)

Prepare and submit cash tax forecast

Annual review of actual payments made and reconcile to tax authority records

Review company tax accounts and reconcile tax payments

Submit tax payments/ installment payments (provisional and monthly payments)

Review that Treasury department apply tax payments

Tax audits

Receipt of notification of tax audit (External auditor or Tax authority)

Communication with tax office

Provide answers to tax points of law

Appoint external advisors, lawyers draft and finalize tax expert opinion to contradict tax auditor's arguments

Review tax audit report and adjusted tax assessment notices

Consider and file appeals/ take legal action against tax audit findings

Reach accordance with tax office on the conclusion of the audit

Provide information for true-up of tax balances

Adjust booked tax reserve if requred

Tax consulting

Hot line on Corporate Income Tax questions

Assistance during contract drafting on operational local level

Assistance during contract drafting on intercompany level

Assistance to Tax accounting issues




• Bachelors Degree required; 

• Technical experience needed

• 4-8 years of relevant work experience in Taxes

• Strong understanding of the Tax Law

• Team player who is flexible and adaptable to be able to thrive in a fast paced and changing environment

• Solid interpersonal and English communication skills (verbal & written) required

• Demonstrated knowledge of a variety of data reporting, retrieval and analysis tools and processes 

• Project management skills, including the ability to multi-task 

• Skilled in use of Microsoft tools (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio) and SAP, create summary reports and presentations 

• Cloud based reporting experience

• Strong problem solving and analytical skills 

• Travel requirements ~15-20%

Job ID: 192023

Organization: Controlling and Finance

Company: Siemens S.A.

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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