Operative Procurement Engineer 执行采购工程师

Job Description

Job Description Main Responsibilities主要职责:

1. Release PO to vendors;联系供应商发布采购订单;

2. Trace written PO order confirmation;跟踪书面订单确认信息;

3. Monitor suppliers' delivery Schedule based on aligned confirmed schedule to ensure the material availability;根据进度表监控供应商的交货周期,确保物料供应;

4. clarify the invoice problems with the vendors;与供应商沟通发票问题;

5. support for inventory optimization;支持库存的合理化;

6. support for material purchasing strategy implementation;支持物料采购策略的实施;

7. evaluation for monthly vendors’ delivery Performance.供应商定期评估。


1. Bachelor degree;本科学历;

2. 2 years’ experience in purchasing or supply chain management;两年以上采购或供应链方面的工作经验;

3. Familiar with ERP System e.g.SAP;熟悉SAP系统;

4. Good command of English.英语良好。

Job ID: 193774

Organization: Gas and Power

Company: Siemens Transformer (Wuhan) Company Ltd.

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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