FY20 - Internship (PFD) - Shanghai

Job Description

About the position:

The Siemens Digital Industries Software business has a wide portfolio. We have a tremendous opportunity to drive a strong position in the market place.  To achieve this we need to remain focused in our portfolio and maximize the revenues we derive from each of the businesses we compete in. 
The Internship role covers 8-12 week program that allows Siemens DI PFDs to bring in talent to help them with their projects for which they require a unique set of skills which the intern will provide. The position will provide the business the support it requires to accelerate certain tasks which otherwise would have not been possible in the timing we seek.


You are expected to work against a set of requirements to produce a certain well defined set of deliverables.  The deliverables will be such that will need strong planning, self initiative and collaboration skills.
You are expected to learn on the job.  Your responsibility is towards helping Siemens Digital Industries Software become more successful in the market place and in helping your PFD manager become more productive in his/her role as a result of your work.
You are to take regular guidance and supervision from your manager.  This will allow for an orderly progress to achieve your projects and to make sure you are able to provide a product that meets your manager’s expectations of you. Close and regular communication and feedback from you to your manager and vice versa would be in order.
You will be assigned 2 projects. A and B. A is the dominant project with 70% of your time being consumed there.  B is a subsidiary project that will help fill up the time you have when you are not working on project A.
Each project assigned to an intern is unique.  There may be opportunities to collaborate with a peer intern to make the projects speak to each other and may provide a useful perspective that we perhaps did not deign into the program but could have some interns work closely together on.
Your project could be highly technical or business orientated.  You need to blend the two to provide the necessary deliverables on the project.


Domain knowledge of your major subject of study (e.g. Engineering, Mechanical, etc)
Soft skills in the areas of: Communication, Initiative and Collaboration
Hard skills such as technical work -related skills that enable you to get the task done – e.g. Computer literacy, Language skills, etc

Job ID: 195796

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Industry Software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Experience Level: Student (Not Yet Graduated)

Job Type: Full-time

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