Commercial Project Manager Shanghai or Beijing

Job Description

Commercial Project Manager 商务项目经理

What are my responsibilities?

·        To lead projects from commercial side in the aim of overall project result and compliance with Siemens' policy and process, and ensures reliable and timely project controlling and reporting.从商务方面领导项目执行,旨在达到项目目标,保证项目的执行符合西门子的政策和流程,并确保实现可靠及时的项目控制和汇报                                 

·        Project cost controlling and analysis项目成本控制及分析                                                                               

·        Reporting of project financial status 项目财务状况汇报                                                                                    

·        Budgeting and forecast for project key financial figures项目关键财务数据的预算和预测                                            

·        Payment documents prepareation and follow-up付款文件的准备及跟踪                                                                    

·        SAP process owner (project creation, plan cost/plan revenue maintenance, billing, actual cost booking, report checking, etc.)SAP流程用户(项目创建,维护计划成本/计划收入/开具发票/实际费用登记/报告核查等)"              

·        Participation in/coordination of monthly closing参与/协调月度结账"                                                                           

·        Change order initiation and realisation订单变更的发起和实现                                                                      

·        Preparation of documents for outgoing claims and against incoming claims准备索赔文件                                            

·        Providing commercial advice and feedback to work partners为工作伙伴提供商务建议和反馈                                        

·        Other tasks assigned by supervisor领导分派的其他任务                                                                                 

What do I need to qualify for this job?

·        Professional education background on commercial or finance;商务或财务专业背景;

·        Hands-on experience with Siemens commercial processes/policies;西门子商务流程/政策的处理经验;

·        Project management systematics;项目管理体系知识;

·        Good communication and analytical skills;良好的沟通和分析技能;

·        Active team player;积极主动,有团队精神;

·        Excellent oral and written English;优秀的英语口语及书写能力;

·        Professional MS Office skills (e.g. Excel, PowerPoint).专业的办公软件技能(如ExcelPowerPoint     

Job ID: 196439

Organization: Gas and Power

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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