Project manager with HVAC expertise to handle BPS projects

Job Description


Participates in Project Handover meeting -Project manager with HVAC expertise to handle BPS projects
PM updates the Project Binder/Repository received from Sales
PM sets up the project infrastructure according to project size and complexity
Create Project WBS; also make provision in the WBS for Commissioning resources.
Prepares tentative Project Plan by using Manual Gantt Charts for Projects >2 Mio & reviews with customer
Creates the project schedule using the project WBS, including all critical contractual milestones, and reviews it with the Customer for approval
The detailed Design done by the Design engineers are reviewed and confirmed with the customer or meets the terms and conditions specified in the contract, ensuring a basic agreement on the project delivery timeframe
Handovers design work packages to the Design Engineers.
Reviews Risk and opportunities assessment and updates based on the outcome of the review of the Plan with the customer.
Sends the Quotation evaluation sheet to the Strategic Purchase departments,do negotiations with the supplier/Vendors/Sub contractors for all bought out items and subcontracting services
Informs the customer on the readiness of the mobilization team and material to be dispatched.
Intimates the Sub Contractor and the execution team to mobilize their teams at project site
Informs the Commissioning Team (E&C)  to initiate the commissioning activity upon receipt of  the Plant activation request from the customer and after all identified snags are closed 
In case of any major issues which could impair the functioning of the proposed system, the Execution team takes up suitable corrective measures so that the commissioning activity can be commenced.
Prepares Monthly Status Report for each project
Conducts Monthly status review with the customer along with the Regional manager operations.
Customer satisfaction feedback form must be collected from the customer. 
The project manager shall take appropriate corrective action if required based on the feedback obtained. The action plan and a copy of customer satisfaction feedback needs be sent to business excellence
Initiates project closure work after Project Acceptance by the customer. 
Prepare project Handover Documents 
Project Manager shall compile all documents relating to execution and the backup of program data.
Provides information to the service department for updating the Installed Base.
Calls for a handover meeting and discuss with service lead for handing over the documents
Prepare Minutes of Handover
Demobilizes project site (including release of Manpower, Site Equipment, tools & Tackles etc) after project acceptance by customer and handover to customer support Group

Organization: Smart Infrastructure

Company: Siemens Limited

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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