Memory Design Engineer-SISW-Mentor

Job Description

Job Description:

Engineer will be responsible for design, characterization and verification of memory compilers for functionality, robustness and electrical integrity.

·        Assisting the design team with extensive electrical margin simulations to cover all features and configurations supported by the memory compiler. He/she will need to ensure all memory cuts/configurations meet the design specs and has the ability to analyze spice simulation failures and isolate problematic circuits in order to provide feedback to design team for circuit updates.

·        Conducting verification on the various Front-End views (lef, mbist, atpg, lib, Verilog) and Back-End Views (cdl, GDSII) provided by the memory compiler. He/she will need to be able to debug verification failures and isolate root cause for failures in the models.

·        Create compiler timing/power estimators for model generation. This will involve gathering large amount of timing/power data from spice simulations of critical memory cuts to create multi-variable equations through weighted linear regression. Good understanding of timing/power dependencies of various memory parameters will be needed.

Job Qualifications:


  • Bachelor required/Masters  preferred in Electrical or Computer Engineering with 3+ years of experience

·        Good knowledge of transistor-level circuits and SRAM design

·        Good understanding of memory architecture and correlation of memory PPA to different memory parameters

·        Experience with scripting languages – perl

·        Understands various flows and methodologies, including : functional verification, static timing analysis, spice simulation and analysis, IR and EM analysis

·        Good knowledge of memory front-end viewsand associated verification flow (e.g. Verilog/BIST/Liberty/ATPG models)

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Mentor Graphics (India) Private Limited

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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