Siemens 职业

SSME DI CT SCM Warehouse Clerk (Shanghai) 上海西门子医疗器械有限公司 CT供应链部门 仓库管理员(上海)

Shanghai, China


For Healthcare China, we are now looking for an Warehouse Clerk at earliest opportunity.

What are my responsibilities?

Accepting material from Goods Inwards and storing it in the warehouse area, taking into consideration laws and regulations(hazardous goods ordnance…)in order to ensure that quality is maintained in the storage of all components.

Posting the inwards and outwards movements in inventory management systems with quantity and storage location as well as information about irregularities, in order to insure correct inventory management and be able to provide active help.

Removal from storage and commissioning of components and parts, taking into consideration laws and regulations (hazardous goods ordinance…), in order to ensure that they are supplied in good time to the receiving areas.

Repackaging of components and parts in order to guarantee correct supply of the materials for


Checking goods with regard to quantities, making visual checks and testing storage conditions such as temperature, humidity and storage environment or weight, size, type of goods stored, in order to ensure that the material is stored correctly and if necessary

Assembling and also preparing the necessary documentation and goods for dispatch/return transport, in order to support timely handling of the dispatch orders.

Help with taking inventories, in order to verify correct inventory management.

Maintaining and repairing the necessary technical devices and systems used for handling where

possible and their own initiative or if necessary initiating the processes and also updating the handling systems, in order to ensure a high safety standard

Obtaining and passing on information and close cooperation with all those involved, in order to allow smooth movements of goods and create a good logistics chain.

follow the warehouse 6S requirements


What do I need to qualify for this job?

Professional expertise.

Technical (product) knowledge.

Quality knowledge.

Processing knowledge

Requisition ID: 266230
Organization: Siemens Healthineers
Career Level: 中级人员