Siemens Careers

Site Manager 1

Jakarta, Indonesia

English (UK)

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?


  • Technical clarification with assembly firms and subcontractors
  • Technically perfect, timely and cost-effective processing of electrical assembly and compliance with contractual obligations
  • Monitoring compliance with the stipulated documentation in line with the state of the art in accordance with specified guidelines and technical standards
  • Compliance with statutory legal responsibilities (work safety, working hours, temporary employees, contract for work and services, organizational and supervisory duties etc.)
  • Planning and processing site logistics in relation to erection
  • Staging regular site discussions
  • Supporting the project manager with risk and claim management by recognizing and assessing project-related risks and opportunities and, if applicable, working out suggestions for minimizing risks and exploiting opportunities
  • Assuring quality on the site including Non Conformance Reporting (NCR)
  • Project control and monitoring
  • Documentation of erection of the electrotechnical components (erection reports/handover document) and updating the documents
  • Collaboration on the project completion report and summarizing the lessons learned with feedback to the organization            
  • Defining, developing and ensuring compliance with standard processes for erection (worldwide across projects within the scope of the specialist area and taking related specialist areas into account)
  • Checking, complying with and, if applicable, commenting on customer specifications and standards
  • Project process planning and bid/order receipt costing
  • Support in technical clarification with the customer and suppliers
  • Drawing up technical documents
  • Resource planning for erection and commissioning (personnel and equipment)



What do I need to qualify for this position?


  • Long (> 10 years) extensive, experience in the erection of high-voltage equipment
  • Collaboration in large-scale international projects
  • Long (> 10 years) extensive, experience in the leadership of assembly teams
  • Collaboration in international teams

Requisition ID: 268271
Organization: Energy Management
Career Level: Experienced Professional
Full time only