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Project Management Staff ( プロジェクトマネージメントスタッフ)

Tokyo, Japan

English (US)

Job Description

We at Siemens Healthineers are committed to helping healthcare providers globally to succeed in today’s dynamic environment. We are inspired to transform the way things are done – because we want what is best for our people, our customers and ultimately the health of mankind.

While we are invested in engineering excellence – leading-edge medical technologies and services, we don’t stop there. We’re also deeply invested in our 46.000 people with the hearts of pioneers and minds of engineers, highly committed and connected in this industry. And as we strive to shape the future of healthcare, our overall success will depend on our ability to continuously reinvent ourselves.


What are my responsibilities?

  • Under the instructions of area leaders, project management of large medical equipments (arrangement and installation) delivered to hospitals
  • Field investigation, setting up meetings with related vendors for the equipment installation
  • Within the sales support activities, monitoring of present facilities and clarification of project requirements  
  • Support  to the sales team in handling customer calls and requests



What do I need to qualify for the job?

Working experience:


  • Equipment installations (Field experience)
  • Client handling and negotiation



  • Experience in planning of Hospital Constructions incl. equipment installation is preferred
  • Experience in quotation of Construction and installation work


Skills and Knowledge:


  • Necessary knowledge required for Construction and Installation work (Reporting, interface, consulting, documenting etc...)
  • External Communication Skills (e.g. with Customers)
  • Internal Communication and Cooperation skills (e.g. with Sales, Customer Services)
  • Basic English Skills (Reading of Technical Documents in English)
  • Driver`s License



  • Networking Skills
  • Specific Driver`s License is preferred (電気工事士、施工管理技師資格等)


  • Japanese: fluent / business level (native level is preferred)



What are my responsibilities?

  • エリアリーダーの指揮下のもと、病院への大型医療機器納入に関わる手配及び施工管理に


  • 現地調査及び据付設置における関係者との打合せ、工程調整を行う

  • 営業サポートとして、現地調査による現状施設の確認及び工事仕様の説明をする
  • 電話での顧客対応を含む受注に向けた営業サポートを行う


Working experience



Skills and Knowledge:


  • 建築・設備・据え付け工事等を進めるための知識を有すること(特に報告、連絡、相談、議事録作成等)
  • 顧客とのコミュニケーションスキル
  • 社内他部署(営業、カスタマーサービス)との折衝、協業が可能な コミュニケーションスキル
  • 基礎的な英語読解力(英文での技術資料を読むことがあるため)
  • 普通自動車運転免許


・自動車運転免許 (電気工事士、施工管理技師資格等)


  • 日本語:流暢であること / ビジネスレベル(ネイティブレベルであると尚可)


If you are ambitious and change makes you thrive, support us providing the best solution for our customers!


What else do you need to know?


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Organization: Siemens Healthineers
Career Level: Experienced Professional
Full time only