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Commercial Project Manager (Certified)

Singapore, Singapore

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Job Description

Mission of Function:
Responsibility as Commercial Project Manager (CPM) for all commercial aspects related to a project during the execution up to project closing. The Commercial Project Manager (CPM) is taking full responsibility for all commercial/finance related matters. The CPM is supporting the Project Manager (PM) in all other areas with the objective of executing the project within the defined targets (e.g. costs, time, quality) and ensuring customer satisfaction. A professional collaboration between the CPM and the PM is key for the overall project success.

Dimension of function:
The CPM is fully responsible for all commercial related matters, including but not limited to handling Accounting, Legal, Tax, NCM and ECC topics. The CPM ensures the compliance of applicable regulations during the offer and project execution phase. He/she is supporting the Project Manager in all other areas where a takeover of responsibilities from the PM is decided and/or a useful contribution is applicable

Contacts (internal/ external):
Customer, Consortium Partners, Suppliers, external Auditors, Consultants, Authorities of regional and parent organization, Administrations
Internal: Project Manager, Project Team, Sales, Procurement, Logistics, Accounting, Controlling, Legal, SFS, Insurance, Business Manager and other senior Management, Corporate Services, Corporate Core and Key Support Functions

What are my responsibilities?

  • Manage Project finances on the basis of contractual developments and risk situation
  1. Supports the PM in managing and optimizing targeted financial results with due professional care (e.g. project gross profit, cash flow, assets and financing instruments)
  2. Together with the PM ensures the accuracy of the cost and pricing calculation
  3. Prepares commercial documentation for regular project status meetings and ensures the accuracy of the commercial project data (FC, MIKA, cash flow)
  4. Ensures compliance with Siemens FRG and local GAAP requirements
  5. Ensures the accuracy of project books and records, incl. recording of such in appropriate systems, e.g. SAP
  6. Initiates invoicing according to project progress and contructual terms
  7. Ensure proper payment allocation (onshore/offshore/consortium) actively performs asset management
  8. Ensures the application and the continuously managing of financial Guarantees, Bonds and project securities
  9. Supports the PM in identifying, minimizing non-conformance costs and establishing an appropriate reporting structure; supports the implementation of lessons learned into own project and the organization in general
  • Manage the project enabler processes
  1. Together with the PM, proactively sets up a contract and claim management, including involvement of the contract manager/ legal
  2. Supports the contract manager/ legal by summarizing the critical and legal elements and the PM by ensuring that the critical and legalelements are duly considered in partner/subcontractor contracts/respective contract amendments
  3. Identifies, assesses, responds, monitors, reports, escalates all commercial risks, e.g. calculation, tax, insurances
  4. Ensures communication of commercial contractual obligations/conditions to the relevant project team members
  5. Performs the credit risk analysis for potential customer, together with Global Procurement for suppliers
  • Manage customer requirements
  1. Is empowered with adequate signature authorization and target agreement to manage the project as commercial responsible
  2. Actively gathers information on customer, strategies, requirements and targets regarding commercial aspects
  3. Manages customer expectations together with PM - identifies/creates opportunities out of the ongoing project
  4. Actively communicates with customer's high seniority commercial representatives and manages resolution of commercial issues
  5. Actively builds relationships to customer's senior commercial management
  6. Regularly performs lessons learned activities on commercial aspects and feeds results into own project lessons learned activities and into own organization
  7. Supports the PM that at an early stage the customer, management and project team are informed of deviations from the project plan
  • Manage stakeholders
  1. Ensures proper execution of all tasks with all relevant stakeholders, i.e. SFS (e.g. financing, insurance, guarantees, currency & commodity hedging), CF (e.g. AC, Taxes, Treasury, Audit), RIC incl. OR, Legal and Compliance, HR (incl. Delegation process), ECC, Customs etc.
  2. Interacts with all relevant stakeholders in order to ensure the execution of all issues with regard to project financing, e.g. prolongation of Hermes, World Bank or other financing institutes
  3. Ensures efficient communication with all relevant internal and external stakeholders, i.e. HR, Quality Management, EHS, customers, suppliers, consortium partners
  4. Supports SPM to select and involve partners/subcontractors based on strategic viewpoints and defined criteria
  5. Supports Procurement&Logistics, if applicable
  6. Acts as an advisor for senior commercial management regarding project issues

What do I need to qualify for this job?

  • Possess a Degree in Business Management/Finance/Accounting
  • A Certified CPM or Senior Commpercial Project Manager
  • Experiece as Commercial Project Manager in category C projects
  • Experience in commercial bid management is a plus
  • Advanced Knowledge in MS Office (Excel, Power Point)
  • Experience in Spiridon/ SAP system
  • Prior intercultural experience required



Requisition ID: 279887
Organization: Mobility
Career Level: Mid-level Professional
Full time only