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Transformers Supervisor - Power Generation Services

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

English (UK)

Job Description

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Siemens Power Generation Services is delivering the right service solutions for your gas turbine, steam turbine, generator or rotating equipment to increase efficiency, reliability and availability throughout the entire lifecycle of your assets. From modernization's and upgrades, remote monitoring, lifetime extensions, and condition monitoring to logistical and turnkey service for onshore and offshore wind turbines, we partner with you to achieve optimal performance and maximize success.

Specific Responsibilities 


  • Test transformers and record test results.
  • Inspect various types of transformers for damage and evidence of electrical malfunctions.
  • Document all transformer relevant data.
  • Dismantle and strip damaged or unserviceable transformers.
  • Draw the high voltage and low voltage winding circuits.
  • Identify the high voltage, low voltage and tap windings sides of the super structure by tagging
  • Measure and record coil assembly dimension and end frame dimensions before releasing the coil pressure.
  • After removing the end frame measure the dimensions and record coil heights.
  • Remove and un-stack top yoke core iron and record number of steps while inspecting the core laminations.
  • Remove coil end insulation and coils and record the number and size and type of insulations.
  • Remove the coils from core legs mark and identify by tagging.
  • Inspect the insulation for damage and recorded.
  • Clean the healthy coils and plate of each coils by applying sufficient press.
  • Take complete coils, insulation, washers, spacers data.
  • Prepare all reusable parts for rewinding and inspect renewed parts for hidden, structural damage or unusual conditions.
  • Operate wire-coiling machines to wind coils used in transformers.
  • Rewind various types of transformers with different coils configuration. Observe proper insulating techniques and/or requirements during rewinding.
  • Inspect the parts clean and dry.
  • Place the bottom blocking and pressure ring at bottom of each core leg.
  • Install bottom coil end insulation assembly and place support blocks under each column of coil radial spacers.
  • Install the inner coils with respect the centre line of the core (phase) necessary to achieve correct lead position.
  • Install high voltage coils and install tap coils end assembly insulation.
  • Install top coil end pressure plate and blocking.
  • Install inter phase barriers and lead barriers.
  • Install top yoke, perform TTR ratio test with 50% yoke in place.
  • Oven drying process, Retighten the entire assembly on removal from the oven.
  • Vacuum drying of assembled transformer.
  • Fill oil under vacuum and perform oil analysis test.
  • Complete required paper work for each job accurately and on timely basis.
  • Operate specialized repair and testing equipment.
  • Perform other skilled or non-skilled duties are required.

Siemens places great value on equal employment opportunities. We look forward to receiving applications from differently abled people and thus support the initiative.

Job ID: 62187

Organisation: Power Generation Services

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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