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Siemens SEDL Motor Manufacturing Engineer 西门子电气传动 电机生产工艺工程师 天津


English (UK)

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?

Responsible for establishing and improving comprehensive manufacturing technology process and standard. 负责建立和优化生产过程的工艺技术标准。
Define, qualify and implement the manufacturing technology roadmap / process based on product design requirement. 基于产品设计要求定义和验证生产工艺路线图及工艺技术要求,并负责实施。
"Based on manufacturing roadmap / process, define production equipment requirement, plan equipment layout, desgin tooling and fixture, etc.
"Create and maintenance SOP for product manufacturing process. Responsible for training of production operator, solving manufacturing process issues during production.
Participate new product/customized product FAI / trial production. Define standard routine time. Continuous improvement on manufacuring technology in order to increase productivity.参与新产品或客户订制产品的首件检及试生产,定义标准生产工时,持续改进生产工艺技术以提升生产率。
Monitor all VPI and related process parameter and protocol to ensure of the process always under control. 监控整个VPI及相关过程的参数及记录,以确保生产过程持续可控。
Monitor VPI resin and adjust deviation timely.监控过程中VPI树脂的状态并及时进行调整。
Continuous improvements take place under the lean principles within own responsibility. Well understand and strictly follow up the requirements of national laws and SEDL QMS documents so as to ensure the quality of product, service and process qualified and continuously improved. 在自己的职责范围内,遵循精益原则,实施持续改进。清晰了解并严格遵守国家法律法规及质量管理体系文件的各项规定,确保产品、服务和过程质量符合要求并得以持续改进。
"Strictly comply with and implement the responsibility and obligation in signed . Ensure to comply with national, local EHS laws and regulations, Siemens and SEDL EHS requirements.
严格遵守并履行员工本人签署的《环境、健康、安全管理责任书》中承诺的各项责任和义务。 确保遵守国家、地方政府、西门子以及SEDL的EHS法律法规和相关要求。"

What do I need to qualify for this job?

Motor winding电机线圈制造方向 : familiar with Motor manufacturing process as coil spreading, insulating, coil insertion, VPI etc.熟悉电机制造过程,如线圈涨型,绝缘,下线及VPI过程 

Strong leadership and capacity of planning, organize and coach / 具有强力的计划,组织,导向的领导能力

Excellent English communication skill 

Job ID: 73616

Organization: Portfolio Companies

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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