Siemens CT Engineer Design and Development (Suzhou)

Job Description

岗位描述Job Description

  • 工业自动化,工业数据分析,  机器人等领域的研发工作;

  • 在人机友好交互、网络接入、业务运行逻辑、第三方传感器和执行器集成等方向,为工业用户提供友好、稳定、安全、高效和可靠的专业解决方案; 

  • 参与产品的需求、调研、设计到发布全生命周期;

  • 参与技术分享等工作;

  • 响应现有软件产品的维护和改进需求。


  • Join in the research and development work in Industrial Automation, Industrial Data Analysis and Industrial Robotic Solution, etc.

  • Provide robust, safe, efficient and reliable solutions for industrial users in human interaction, network access, business operation, and integration 3rd part sensors and executors.

  • Participate in the full software development life cycle.

  • Sharing relative knowledge and technology.

  • Software maintenance and enhancement with timely response.


  • 本科或硕士学历,计算机科学、软件工程、电子工程或通信相关专业

  • 编程基本功扎实,可以熟练使用C++,并有相关的项目至少2年开发经验或成果; 

  • 了解敏捷开发流程,有Git,  Jira, UML, Gerrit, Jenkins相关经验;  

  • 优秀的沟通能力,能够输出专业的需求,设计和测试文档; 

  • 对面向对象开发有相应认识,并有相关经验;

  • 熟悉Linux开发,并能使用shell

  • 对工作认真负责。


  • BS or MS degree, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Electronics Engineering or Telecommunications are preferred.

  • Be familiar with development using C++, more than 3 years experiences is preferred.

  • Knowledge about agile development has experience using Git, Jira, UML, Gerrit, Jenkins.

  • Knowledge about software engineering. With knowledge about CMMI is preferred.

  • Good documentation, communication skills.

  • Knowledge about object oriented analysis and design.

  • Be familiar with Linux development environment, such as shell.

  • Self-motivated.

优先条件 Priority Condition

  • 了解ROSPython开发,并有相关经验;

  • 了解CMMI,并有相关经验;


  • Knowledge and experience of development based on ROS or Python.

  • Knowledge and experience of CMMI.

Job ID: 74571

Organization: Internet of Things

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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