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嵌入式系统工程师(硬件和系统相关)Embedded Systems Engineer (focus Hardware & System), Wuxi

WUXI, China
Research & Development

English (UK)

Job Description

Position Overview (Introduction)

Siemens is a leading company in the area of industrial communication networks and Industrial Inernet-of-Things (IoT) technology. This position contributes to the investigation, evaluation and piloting of new product concepts and features as well as innovative system solutions in the area of Embedded Systems for Industrial IoT infrastructure and applications. The work is focusing on improving the foundation of connectivity and communication in industrial environments (e.g. factories).



  • Concept, design and development of embedded hardware and networked embedded systems
  • Support the successful implementation of proofs-of-concept and pilot projects from the concept to implementation and testing phase
  • Proactive contribution to ensure that the goals of the team are achieved
  • 嵌入式硬件和网络化嵌入系统的概念、设计和开发
  • 在试验项目的概念到实现以及测试阶段提供技术支持
  • 协作确保团队高质量完成项目

Required Knowledge/Skills, Education and Experience
  • Experience with at least one programming language
  • Experience with at least one EDA Tool (e.g. Eagle)
  • Experience with designing, ordering and testing PCBs
  • Ability to research the market to find technology to solve a given problem
  • Ability to communicate complex technical problems in English and Chinese
  • Ability to work independently on a given topic and find innovative solutions
  • Creativity and strong problem-solving skills
  • Relevant experience could be:
  • Acquired during a study at a university
  • Acquired during work at a company
  • Acquired during contribution to an open source project
  • 具有至少一项编程语言的开发经验
  • 熟悉至少一个EDA工具,如Eagle
  • 具有设计、测试PCB板的经验
  • 具有查找用于解决问题的技术的能力
  • 具有使用中英文进行复杂技术问题的沟通能力
  • 具有独立工作、找到新的解决方案的能力
  • 创造力以及较强的解决问题技巧

Preferred Knowledge/Skills

  • Experience with one modern programming language (e.g. C, Python)
  • Experience with wireless technologies (e.g. 802.11, 4G) and (industrial) communication technologies (e.g. industrial Ethernet)
  • Experience with open source contribution
  • Basic knowledge of factory automation systems
  • Basic knowledge of IoT Technology
  • 具有至少一项编程语言的开发经验,例如CPython
  • 熟悉无线技术(例如IEEE802.114G)和工业通信技术(如工业以太网)
  • 具有工业应用开发和系统集成的经验
  • 具备一定的有关工厂自动化系统知识
  • 了解IoT技术

Job ID: 74742

Organisation: Corporate Technology

Experience Level: Recent College Graduate

Job Type: Full-time

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