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Siemens DF FA Controlling Officer (Data Analysis Direction)西门子中国 商务专员(数字分析方向)(北京)


English (UK)

Job Description

Siemens DF FA Controlling Officer 西门子中国 工业集团 商务专员 (北京)

What is my responsibility?
Attend and successfully complete the trainee program, including the various theoretical training sessions and practical job rotation assignments in different controlling/commercial functions throughout the duration of the program proactively to program manager and his/her hiring manager. After completing the program, he/she should have a fundamental understanding of the Siemens organization, business and commercial function. He/she should master sound theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience in the commercial areas, e.g. Siemens ERP system, business report, cost allocation & billing, material logistics, financial statement, etc.

Support business set up digitalization report and business intelligence system ; make use of the big data to provide business transparency and analysis; Improve the efficiency via business report/analysis automation. 

What do I need to qualify for this job? 

•2019 Graduates, Masters or Bachelors in the major of combination of IT and business management (e.g. Information Management, Information and Mathematics, Statistics etc.) 

•Fluent in verbal and written English

•Good team work attitude

•Good communication skills

•Highly detail oriented

•Sensitivity to financial figures

•Excellent academic performance

•Written recommendation from university professor (optional)

Job ID: 74775

Organisation: Digital Factory

Experience Level: Recent College Graduate

Job Type: Full-time

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