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Research Engineer - Experience Design

Bengaluru, India
Information Technology

English (UK)

Job Description


The Corporate Technology department ( occupies a special position within Siemens' R&D facilities. It functions as an international network of expertise and as a global partner for technology and innovations. Through its R&D activities in Germany, USA, China, India, Russia, Japan and Eastern Europe, Corporate Technology helps secure the company's technological future and bolster its competitiveness.

Research in Digitalization and Automation (RDA) is at the heart of Siemens R&D. Its strong technology base makes it a strong in-house partner for innovation. We develop technologies with wide applicability for the Siemens Divisions and help them to successfully bring innovations to market. About 1,800 scientists and experts at locations in North America, Europe, and Asia ensure the technological and innovative future of the company.

The Software and Systems Innovation (SSI) Technology Field in RDA is responsible for Innovation in the areas of Systems and Software constituting a global team of 200 experts in Germany, USA, China, and India.
The User Experience Design (UXD) Research Group in India is an amalgamation of multiple competencies; Design Thinking (DT), User Experience Design (UXD) and Requirements Engineering (RE). This research group is part of a global team located in Germany and China. 

As Research Engineer - Experience Design;

You are responsible for;
1. Plan and Execute UXD projects 
Conducting heuristic evaluation of existing products and providing design recommendations.
Setting up UX Strategy for existing and new products. 
Collaboration with development teams to incorporate UX concepts into products.
Designing and conducting usability tests.
2. Conceptualize and drive next-generation experience design across Siemens product portfolio.
3. Evangelize UXD through training, conference participation, and representing UXD Research Group India at a global level in various platforms.

Are you ? if yes apply.
1. Masters or Ph.D. (or equivalent) in interaction design, information design, design planning, communications design, graphic design, humanities, social sciences (Psychology, Anthropology, Linguistics, Sociology) or human center design with more than 1+ years of industry experience.
2. Ability to work collaboratively on multi-disciplinary teams critical.   
3. Experience in developing customer journey maps, task modeling, task analysis, workflow design, etc.
4. Leadership ability in design and solution development with expertise in Human Centered approach. 
5. High degree of proficiency with design and prototyping tools like Adobe Creative Suite, InVision, Axure RP, Justinmind, Balsamic, Sketch, etc.

What else you can be ? 
1. Act as an advocate for the internal and end customer and users.
2. Enthusiastic team player, experienced in communicating with global partners.
3. Ability to multi-task and handle multiple assignments simultaneously, while focusing on delivery quality.
4. High energy and self-starter.

Job ID: 75014

Organisation: Corporate Technology

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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