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西门子数控 电子工厂部 生产线部门主管(Team Leader) 南京


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Job Description

People Management  人员管理
1) Production arrangement & personnel adjustment between shift
2) Leaving & overtime management, attendance handling:
a. Shift arrangement and adjustment in ahead;
b. OT application in batch;
c. Attendance check regularly;
d. Deal with abnormal attendance records regularly;
e. Ensure correct attendance data transfer to HR before 5th each month.
a. 班次安排和提前调整;
b. 加班申请批处理;
c. 定期核查人员出勤情况;
d. 定期处理人员异常考勤记录;
e. 确保正确的出勤数据传输到HR.
3) Team building, KPI assessment & PMP for team member

Process Control  过程控制
1) Focus on production process, machine/fixture/tools, OEE
2) Coach operator for know how and related production regulation, quality guideline, implement standardized working
3) Cascade meeting, including: EHS case; delivery plan (monthly output); daily output (backlog, output gap); problem analysis (what? rootcause?); problem solving & CIP (meet 3 conditions)
     层级会议,关注点:EHS事件;发货计划(月产出);产出计划(欠货,日产出的差异); 问题分析(发生了什么?什么措施?);问题解决&CIP(符合三个条件)
4) Production quality monitoring
5) Problem solving for level1 case
6) Implement 5S in production line
7) Safety production (EHS)

Productivity Improvement 效率提升
1) Reduce SAP time, save production cost, reduce 7 waste
2) Participate lean improvement (value stream, material flow), optimize production process
3) Optimize people utilization

Cost Optimization 成本优化
1) Raw material quality
2) CIP & 3I implementation
3) Continuous improvement for operator working quality & production quality

Delivery Control  产出控制
1) Production plan arrangement
2) Shorten time for delivery

Coach key operator for team development

Implement ISO9001(QMS), ISO14001(EMS) and OHSAS18001(OMS) in production line

2-3 years team leader experience. 
Electronic production working experience, familiar with different work station, well understand material and process judgement criterial; team leading skills.

Job ID: 76851

Organisation: Digital Factory

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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