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多能互补建模研究员 Multi-modal DES research scientist, Beijing

Research & Development

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Job Description

Job Description 岗位职责

1.     Responsible for modeling in the team to develop energy saving and operation management system for multi-model based energy system by combing the machine learning methodology and domain knowledge. 针对多能互补能源系统,在开发节能管理及运行管理平台系统的的团队中负责建模工作,尤其是应用专业技术知识与数据建模相结合的技术方法

2.     Undertaking technology selection, operation mode design and economical assessment of related components and system integration of the multi-model based distributed energy system.  针对多能互补分布式能源系统的部件、系统集成方面,承担技术选型,运行方式设计, 技术性评价等工作

3.     Consulting services on control strategy, operation management, component performance and life time management of the components and sub-system in multi-model based distributed energy system. 对多能互补能源系统的部件层面、子系统层面,提供控制策略,运行管理,部件性能及生命周期管理的咨询服务

4.     Follow up frontier knowledge in the field.跟踪相关领域前沿发展


1.     Educated in electrical engineering, thermal engineering, automation, in particular, energy system oriented application preferred etc.  Expertise in parts of the component modeling and design in the multi-modal based distributed energy system, meanwhile good at mathematics, computational science, PHD required.  电气工程、热能工程、或自动化等专业教育背景,尤其是面向能源方向应用, 博士。具有多能互补分布式能源系统部分部件设计及建模的专业技能,同时具有良好的数学及计算机科学基础。

2.     At least experiences of one kind common simulation software popularizing in his/her engaged field or having been involved in the kind of software development. 至少具有其专业方面一种流行仿真软件的使用经验或曾参与这类软件的开发工作

3.     Mastering of at least one kind of object oriented programming language (C++, Java, etc), in addition mastering of R, python preferred. 熟悉至少一种面向对象编程语言(C++, Java, ),另外,若熟悉R, python更好

4.     Capable of English communication. 具有良好的英语沟通能力

5.    Apt to communication and learning, capable to teaming up with colleagues, ability for agile response to technical solutions. 乐于沟通及学习,善于与同事相处,一起工作,有能力快速解决技术问题

Job ID: 79448

Organization: Corporate Technology

Experience Level: Recent College Graduate

Job Type: Full-time

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