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视觉设计师 Visual Designer, Beijing

Research & Development

English (UK)

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?

Mission  工作内容

As a Visual Designer you will be creating user interfaces and assets for Siemens products including desktop applications, mobile applications and embedded applications that reflect our brand identity by our branding system.

You will be working in a cross-functional agile environment alongside interaction Designers, user researcher, prototyping experts developers, product management, etc.. You safeguard design quality and visual aesthetics of our products and ensure that your designs are correctly implemented in the final product.

Additionally you will also work on the research topics and come up with creative solutions by in depth understanding of the customers.


What are my responsibilities?   工作职责

  • Participate in product ideation and conceptual development.
  • Create graphics, icons, screens, and layouts that reflect and extend the established style guide.
  • Create and execute visual concepts and story-boards
  • Capture and distill project requirements in order to obtain user requirements and input into solution
  • Apply user-centered experience design practice and advocate the users' perspective
  • Assist with new user interface testing and participate in usability review to get feedbacks on new designs
  • Research on the future user interaction and design trends
  • 参与创意和概念发展
  • 创造图形,图标,页面,布局等图形元素,表达审美和品牌形象
  • 创造视觉概念和故事版
  • 提炼用户需求发掘洞察
  • 运用以用户为中心的设计方法执行设计项目
  • 辅助用户验证并收集用户反馈
  • 研究未来设计趋势和方法

Education, Experience, Skills: 所需技能

  • Bachelor or master in graphic design, interface or interaction design or equivalent
  • Experience with visual design, icons, graphics and layouts
  • Creativity and ability to create simple, intuitive, functional and appealing interfaces
  • Keen eye for detail and consistency
  • Profound understanding of color, space, and typography
  • Profound knowledge of design tools (Adobe Creative Suite)
  • Be able to express your ideas concisely and completely in words and pictures
  • Knowledge of user-centered interface design processes and methodology
  •  Able to develop low/mid/high fidelity prototype
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Able to produce results independently as well as collaboratively in a team
  • Good knowledge of the English language in spoken and written
  • 本科以上平面设计,界面设计,视觉设计等相关专业毕业
  • 有视觉设计,图形设计,图标设计,平面设计等相关经验
  • 有创造力能够创造吸引人,美观,简单直接的视觉系统
  • 关注细节和一致性
  • 关于配色,版面,字体的丰富知识
  • 熟练使用设计工具包括adobe创意套件,sketch
  • 能熟练运用工具传达设计理念,图文结合
  • 了解用户为中心的设计方法和设计思维
  • 能够用工具创建低保真和高保真原型
  • 良好的沟通技巧能够独立或与团队合作工作
  • 熟练英文口语和写作

Job ID: 79455

Organization: Corporate Technology

Experience Level: Recent College Graduate

Job Type: Full-time

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