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SRE Security Coordinator

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Job Description

SRE Site Security Coordinator





Implement the required organization on site

•             Naming and relief of security deputies, if necessary

•             Consultation of local SRE management & employees in all security related risks

  • Property protection

  • Personal security and event protection (on behalf of GM SEC, if within Siemens Premises)

  • Protection against espionage 

  • SRE crisis management

  • Is the contact for the Location Management and the local business unit on SRE matters in security and crisis management

  • Develop and maintain contacts, in agreement with EHS representative, with the local authorities, e.g. police, fire service, emergency medical services, disaster prevention organization, local government, etc.

  • Reports directly to SRE Security Manager and informs SRE Location Management (Location Management Unit)

•             Control / manage additional needs, security costs

•             Control the security supplier / reception / monitoring services

•             Attend security trainings requested by SRE Security Manager and SRE AMU / LMU Manager

•             Awareness-raising for Location Manager for security issues

•             Collaboration and support in case of inspections and audits

•             Ensure changes and improvements of the identified issues

•             Implements GM SEC and SRE circulars, notes and instructions at the sites / locations

•             Provide advice and support to SRE location management in security issues

•             Ensure the implementation of security guidelines on site

•             Implement special tasks as listed below:

  • Advise the tenants

  • Supervise installation of all technical security equipment

  • Ensure relevant standards and regular maintenance to security equipment

  • Develop SRE security concepts based on the location risk analysis, and update as necessary

  • Implements minimum protection requirements and ensures they are maintained in an appropriate manner

  • Supports GM SEC in developing site/property security concept for SFR criticality levels 3 areas

  • Developing with tenant site/property security concept if is SFR criticality level 2

  • Propose solutions and costing for additional security requirements

  • Implement additional security requirements on behalf of the users

  • Proven knowledge of C-TPAT, BASC and OEA standards

  • Contact the local customs organization

  • Fulfil the customs relevant requirements and installation

  • Reaction in case of changes to C-TPAT and other security related requirements

  • Documents all basic location information and data, security risk analysis questionnaires and minimum protection

  • Documents minimum protection

  • Uploads site emergency management concepts/plans and contacts.

  • Update information and data on time, whenever is necessary

  • Conduct and document regular assessments

  • Control and approve performance of security providers

  • Support establishment of location incident/emergency reporting and management (e.g. supporting EHS) procedures, including evacuation.

  • Ensure procedures are tested and that personnel is well trained

  • Ensure security incidents noticed by or notified to the security provider are forwarded to the site management

  • Ensure site management reports security incidents to the responsible Security Coordinator on time

  • Ensure and supervise local security incident/emergency/crisis response by security providers

  • Ensure local SRE support to and interfaces with local EHS emergency management are prepared, trained and delivered during incidents

  • Ensure decisions by the local EHS emergency management regarding site security are implemented

Job ID: 79610

Organisation: Global Services

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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