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Software Developer for Security Testing Framework

Bucuresti, Romania
Research & Development

English (UK)

Job Description

Job description
Siemens Corporate Technology, the research and development power house of Siemens, is setting up a new Cyber Security Research & Development Center. Given the highly dynamic and complex technological landscape shaped by endeavors such as Industry 4.0 (“the 4th Industrial Revolution”), Industrial Internet of Things, and Critical Infrastructures, Siemens products must be secure and resilient from the start according to organizational strategy - this plays a crucial role for the success of both Siemens and its customers.
Therefore, cyber security has evolved into one of the core technologies at Siemens which helps shape the new age of smart manufacturing, dynamic supply chains, as well as tailored products and services.
Siemens Corporate Technology is focused on state-of-the-art, and beyond, technological challenges which help Siemens provide better, more efficient and secure products to its customers. Siemens Corporate Technology provides security building blocks and blueprint architectures for all Siemens business units in order to facilitate faster and better product development. We test and assess products & solutions, analyze and review code, develop security measures, and optimize their implementation. And finally, we analyze threat landscapes, manage vulnerabilities, and provide solutions for incident response.
We are looking for experienced security professionals to drive operational excellence, continuous development and improvement of Siemens’s security solutions.
What are my responsibilities?
• To develop new features to further extend a security testing framework at Siemens, e.g., by
• Work on software development tasks covering both,
o Creation of optimal solutions to refine a security testing framework – focus on performance and accuracy
o Create solutions that are designed in a way to be modular and easy to maintain – focus on code quality
• Technology stack: Python 3, Python Flask, Jinja2, SQLAlchemy, Bootstrap, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Ubuntu Linux, Nmap
What do I need to qualify for this job?
• High sense of responsibility and independent working
• Experience in Python 3 development and system administration
• IT security background, such as secure coding, secure IT operations, penetration testing or IT security consulting

Job ID: 79978

Organisation: Corporate Technology

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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